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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. jodgey4
    Wow, that graph looks amazing!
  2. prismstorm
    did your LCD-4 come with the FR graphs or did you request it by emailing Audeze?
  3. FDH5555
    I wouldn't even call it a curve.
    potkettleblack likes this.
  4. Stereolab42
    Surely these must be a way to measure "fast-ness"/"speed"... square wave reproduction accuracy perhaps?
  5. Jalo
    Shembot, thanks for sharing the sound of the LCD4. Ever since I sold my LCD2, I always wanted to come back to the Audeze sound. have you ever heard the LCD2, if so how do the LCD4 compare in the bass department?
  6. kyle1010

    Word. If the LCD-4s are at the same level or better than the X in bass quantity/quality, I'll start an upgrade fund immediately.
  7. jodgey4
    Transient response would show that. The tighter the peak, and the less ringing, the better. It would also somewhat show on the initial edge of a square wave, when compared to frequency.
  8. Middy
    I bet Shembot wishes he just replied...

    "I only bought them as they match my new coffee table from WALMART"..

    I am suprised we haven't ask yet " For gods sake the smell, describe it to us man"

    Keep up the good work mate..

    I'd show my B+W P7'S with me naked and a rose between my teeth. But that's how I met the wife... A LCD 4 is cheaper IMHO...
    potkettleblack likes this.
  9. Shembot

    Yes, there is a way to measure it, but those measurements are internal to Audeze. I don't think they provide them with every headphone like they do the FR graph.
    Sorry, I've never heard the LCD-2, and I don't know anyone who has one I can borrow to compare.
    Bass quantity matches and quality exceeds the LCD-X to my ear, but the LCD-X's bass seems slightly more prominent due to its relationship to the rest of the overall tuning. 
    It has a distinctive aroma that could best be described as the smell of freshly printed bankruptcy paperwork combined with subtle hints of the interior of a divorce attorney's office. But no, it smells like any other Audeze headphone.  
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  10. Shembot

    FR graph must be requested by emailing Audeze just as with any other Audeze headphone.
  11. Middy
    Ha my cunning plan worked, I divorce the wife, move to the USA, have a non secular gay wedding.. A bit elaborate but headphones is headphones...

    Smell is one of the senses...
    The sense of satisfaction ....

    Keep up the good work... better get back to mine...
  12. izzard1982
    That's some very interesting graph, have never seen any FR curve like this, can't wait to get my hands on them.
  13. Wildcatsare1

    Hopefully your marriage will endure, divorces are a nasty, hot mess!

    Quite the elaborate scheme, you wouldn't happen to be seeking a "potential spouse" well endowed with headphones and cash now Middy?:beers:
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  14. Middy
    How dare you...The thought never crossed my mind.....honest..
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  15. MrBucket
    I could get the FR graph for my LCD-X by emailing them my serial? 
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