Audeze EL-8 Titanium?
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Right as I am about to pull the trigger on the EL-8 cans I see the new model which has a built in the cable dac/amp to a lightning connector. Has anyone had an opportunity to hear this setup?
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I'm wondering about this's an interesting development for sure.  Premium headphones that work with the lightning port.  This is potentially a very big deal.
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Well I had just decided to return my Oppo PM-3's after a three day audition. I wonder how these new Titaniums will compare? I just couldn't get used to the Pleather earcups on the Oppo, and it really didn't isolate as well as my B&W P7's. Though the sound isolation difference was not huge. In the end I thought I would just keep on looking for a mobile solution beyond the P7's.

Does anyone know yet if these new Audeze are open or closed? Leather, Pleather, or pseudo suede earcups? Do they fold or collapse flat for mobile use?

The Lightening connector is really intriguing to me as I'm all Apple devices. I'll probably order these new headphones after I see some end user reviews or comments in these threads.

In the meantime the P7's rock on :wink:
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Just picked me up a pair and damn.. They are heavy. No case included either.

I'm going to wait to post impressions and let them stew for a bit but I bought them to potentially replace my mac > meridian > fostex combo as my "almost portable" setup. Thinking straightaway that was a pipedream...

Anxious to hear other impressions as they come in!
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I picked up a pair today also. Listening to Wagner with them right now in apple lossless on my iPad Pro. Not bad. Not as good as my Senns or Edition 8 through my desktop rig but pretty decent through my iOS devices.
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So to those who have them in hand, are these open or closed headphones? They don't fold flat, or otherwise compact for mobile use? I guess it it subs for a DAC/amp. The weight/size savings are factored in the all-in-on design of having a DAC/AMP built in.

Are you picking them up locally ask the Apple Store?

I can't wait to hear your impressions, or a full review!
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As mentioned, they are quite big. I would most likely use for office use or maybe a long flight but no walking around town in these. Plus, did I mention they are heavy?
Listening to Andrea Bocelli via Tidal HiFi with them and sound good but when I did an A/B test with my TH900s out of the 3.5 of my phone, I have to say it made these a little less impressive. Granted, those are in a different class and I get that but I was thinking if I loved these I would sell the Fostex to offset the cost. I think it all comes down to HOW you are going to listen and what is the most inconvenienced that you are willing to be for amazing sound so in that respect, these do offer good sound in a more portable setup than the TH900s but don't have the soundstage or the impact of the Fostex flagship.
To answer someone's question above, yes,.. they fold flat but a case to hold them in is your responsibility as no bag is even provided, which I think was kind of an oversight for a supposedly portable set of cans. I found them at an Apple store a state away and made the trek last night to get them for the audition I am now putting them through.
They are interesting in their concept and upon first plug-in, you get prompted to download the companion app that allows for two eq presets for the built in DSP. It's pretty cool but has crashed my phone twice already and made me a little
Still forming opinions here though so stay tuned :)
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Does the roll out of this headphone seem a bit subdued? Usually I see manufacturers roll out test copies to audiophile press, or other folk to get some publicity. Given this headphone seems somewhat groundbreaking regarding the Lightening connects I really am surprised that there are not actual reviews out there yet. For IOS users and OSX users this could be groundbreaking. I certainly understand that everyone is not in the Apple club. But there are plenty of us out there that could benefit from this break through device.

Of course I'm grateful that some Headfiers are willing to take the leap. I will be able to assist in giving impressions and a review by ordering on payday. I really would like to hear about the inline DAC, and improvements over the standard EL-8 for Apple device users.
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I wonder if this is a precursor to wireless charging for Apple. My 6s battery life is abysmal. With the lightning connected headphone when your battery is dead, you are done listening. I'm also eager to hear the improvement over the internal dac.
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So I wonder how these compare with the regular EL-8's? I assume these are closed cans. So I guess the comparison should be between the Titanium and the the closed EL-8 version.

If these are designed for sort of a higher end mobile headphone (note I said mobile) are these worth carrying around, say over my B&W P7's on a day to day basis?

I'm hoping the relative silence about these is a sign that owners are too much in rapture to write about them :wink:
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How is the iPP's battery life with these headphones? 
Is the sound isolation pretty good? 
If you are using them mobile is that working out given the size of the headphone and the iPP? I'm thinking my Waterfield Designs 13" Bolt Briefcase much suffice for this equipment.
I picked up a pair today also. Listening to Wagner with them right now in apple lossless on my iPad Pro. Not bad. Not as good as my Senns or Edition 8 through my desktop rig but pretty decent through my iOS devices.

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Very good isolation, better than my Edition 8, but heavier and less comfortable. No noticeable battery drain on either my iPad Pro or iPhone 6 Plus. I purchased the EL-8 for travel, but I'm not using them on the go, just for on the plane and when I get there - if I decide to keep them. Still deciding between these and my Edition 8, which I purchased for travel use a couple of years ago. There's no need for both, and I have my HD650s for home use which neither of these phones can compare to.
The EL-8 and Edition 8 each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Listening on my iOS devices, with some recordings (I listen mostly to classical) the EL-8 is more engaging and full-bodied with better base extension while the Edition 8 sounds thin and anemic in comparison. On other recordings the Edition 8 sounds more dynamic and fun while the EL-8 sounds flat and less involving. It's really odd and quite surprising considering the EL-8 has the advantage of the on-board DAC and AMP that is supposedly superior. Otherwise why bother? Overall, though, the EL-8 is more revealing with greater detail and superior imaging, though soundstage is wider on the Edition 8.
Run through my desktop system (DAC and headphone AMP) and swapping out the lightning cable DAC/AMP for the included 3.5mm cable on the EL-8, my Edition 8 wins hands down. They are truly scalable and have a far richer, more dynamic and involving sound signature than the EL-8. But the balance tips back in favor of the EL-8 on my iOS devices, and as I already stated, I purchased these headphones for travel use. It's a tough call.
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Thanks, this is very good to know. I'm going to have to consider my mobile needs on this, as my desktop needs are met to some extent. I was kind of hoping these Titaniums could live in both worlds and come close,even  as a compromise, to what I have for desktop and mobile. I'm not the kind of guy who thinks one headphone "can rule them all" on the desktop and mobile.  I just checked out the Edition 8's, very nice!  Had you considered an outboard mobile DAC/Amp for then instead of the Titaniums? As you say it is a tough call. 

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