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Audeze EL-8 Closed vs Mr.Speakers Aeon Closed

  1. Rex Aevum
    Hello everyone,
    I am looking for some nice closed headphones for music and maybe sometimes with gaming, but mainly music. I listen to a wide array of genres so I wold want something more well rounded and closer to neutral but not sterile and boring, maybe a bit on the warmer side with good sub-bass and mid-base. I am a a bit treb sensitive so nothing too bright.

    Right now im considering the:
    • Audeze EL-8C
    • Mr.Speakers Aeon C
    I can't find them compared anywhere and would love to hear some opinions about how they stack up to each other and maybe some preferences and why?

    Also as a side note - would i be better off with getting something like Audio Technica MTH-40X and replace the pads and cable since i have heard they sound great for the price?

    Right now I have:
    • Audeze LCD-X
    • Audese iSine20
    • Philips Fidelio X2 & SPH9500
    • Audio Technica AD1000x
    • Amp - Questyle cma600i
  2. Fearless1
    The Aeon C is by far the best/ most accurate closed headphone I have ever heard and is the best headphone I’ve heard under 1k by far(open or closed).
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