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Audeze 4 pin mini XLR to TRS - wiring help

  1. q2klepto
    Just need clarification on how to wire up the Audeze 4pin mini female XLR to a TRS connector
    Pin 1 - L+
    Pin 2 - L-
    Pin 3 - R+
    Pin 4 - R-
    Would i connect
    Left xlr female connector: Pin 1 to the Left Signal wire, and Pin 2 to the Ground
    Right xlr female connector: Pin 3 to Right Signal wire, and Pin 4 to the ground? 
    Or would i have to short Pin 1 + Pin 4 and connect them to the Left signal wire, while Pins 2 + 3 are shorted and connected to the ground? (same for the Right side)?
    Or am i completely wrong :) Sorry for the confusion
  2. liquidzoo
    From this, it looks like the pins are bridged on the mini-xlr end (1-4 and 2-3) and then soldered from there.  1-4 on the left would go to TRS Tip, 1-4 on the right would go to TRS Ring, and 2-3 on both would go to sleeve.
  3. Armaegis
    When making a large XLR4 to TRS adapter, yes you connect pins 2 & 4 to the ground (sleeve).
    The diagrams above are basically correct. Don't do the upper right one though; don't bridge 1&3 on a regular XLR3 unless you have to
  4. q2klepto
    Thanks guys - so basically all pins in the 4pin female connectors need to be wired up? I wonder if i can split the (stranded) signal wire and solder to both pins 1+4, and split the ground wire from 2+3... or will that cause problems?
    Or do i need to bridge 1+4 and solder to a point so its like a Y shape. 
  5. Armaegis
    Either method will work.
  6. q2klepto

    Cool I'll split the strands and save me an extra solder point
  7. Kamakahah
  8. inertianinja
    old thread, but...
    I'm building a balanced cable. Two questions:
    1. is it correct that for the headphone end of the cable (the mini-XLR), it's wired the same way for balanced or single-ended? (i.e. bridging 1&4 for signal, 2&3 for ground)
    2. My amp's balanced headphone jack has a 4-pin XLR, but the diagram for the balanced cable shows a 3-pin XLR. What's the correct wiring for 4-pin XLR termination?
  9. liquidzoo
    This should help on the Amp end:


    Yes, the headphone end would be the same, just the other end would change.
    inertianinja likes this.
  10. inertianinja

    Great, thanks for the help!
  11. Mediahound
    I found this thread via a search and am wondering what this cable seller means when he says that he wires up all 4 connectors and it sounds better? Is that something that is true or just marketing?

    "Look at the sockets on the cups of your Auzeze Headphones. You will see 4 pins. We actually wire all four pins as Audeze drivers use all 4 pins internally. Most other sellers of Audeze cables wire only two pins, leaving the other two unused. That is why our cables provide a more powerful and better defined audio signature."

    from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/582542...-lcd-2-lcd-3-lcd-4-lcd?ref=shop_home_active_8

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