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Atlas Cables Zeno (Headphone and IEM) thread

  1. ostewart
    There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on these cables here on Head-Fi, but I have the IEM version and have just got the headphone version too.

    They are excellent value for money in my opinion, they don't use solder at the connectors and the cables are made of high purity OCC copper.

    Both cables have the same inner cores, but the outer sheathing has been removed below the y-split on the IEM cable to make it lighter.

    Sound wise, I have only just got the headphone one, but the IEM cable has a very balanced sound that focusses on a natural tone and excellent air and separation.
    It won't change the core signature of your IEMs, but it is one of my favourite cables due to the incredible sense of natural tone and effortless sound staging that impresses me.


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  2. ostewart
    I believe @glassmonkey has a Zeno cable, care to share any impressions?
  3. teknorob23
    872DA816-0FB0-48BA-A721-F8AACE75A1BC.jpeg I’m using the Zeno IEM version and it’s taken some running in (well over 100hrs) but now it’s there I agree it’s a great cable. I can’t fault it sound wise. It seems the perfect match for my new EE phantom CIEM which have a very neutral organic sound too

    After 3 weeks with the cable I am still finding it difficult to get a comfortable over the ear fit because the cables are very springy and are also not very long from the splitter to the ear.

    I have 60 days satisifaction money back guarantee from the retailer who are speaking to Atlas to see if they can modify in anyway. Both have been very helpful so far and I’m keen to find a solution because it sounds so good.

    For reference I’ve auditioned it against the effect audio leonadis which was double the price. The ea for me has slightly greater resolution but leans toward the bright side and just doesn’t sound as natural or musical to me as the Zeno when paired with the phantoms.

    Really Interested to know how you find the fit?
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  4. ostewart
    I agree the section from the y-split to the connectors is quite short. However it seems to stay behind my ears fine once in place.

    I removed the chunky heatshrink from the 3.5mm jack as it protrudes too much for my liking.

    Sound wise they really do require 100hrs at least to fully open up, I've never had this with other cables.

    In your picture you have the red and black heatshrink over the 2-pin connectors, gently heat them up and bend them backwards as it cools, towards your ear (so they are angled instead of straight) and they might stay behind your ear better:

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  5. teknorob23
  6. teknorob23
    thanks for the tip, heating bending the heat shrink around the connectors is a great call. I've really fallen for the sound quality of the cable so i'm up for doing anything i can to make it liveable with on the practicality front. You're also right about the burn in but i'm kinda use that with hifi cables and i'm a big fan of copper in my domestic set up. Its strange coming to headfi recently as i have, that copper seems to be seen as the poor relation to siliver. I have supra speaker cables that cost me getting on for £1000 and they're entirely copper as are my interconnects.

    Thanks again for the suggestions, Rob:)
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  7. ostewart
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  8. Scrum92
    I am considering a Zeno as an upgrade to my Focal Clear's stock cable. Does anybody have any direct experience?

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