ATH SJ5 vs K81DJ
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Jan 21, 2007

I know, even as a brand new member on this site, that the debate for what portable headphones are best has been nearly beaten to death. So, with a heavy heart I renew that argument...

I have seen very few reviews on these cans (ATH-SJ5) since they are pretty new and hard to find. I did, however, find some for a very nice price ($50) and I am trying to decide whether to go for these, or to be a trendwhore
and get the AKG K81DJ...
I have a problem with AKG, and the review I found reinforced my view: these headphones, at least at the sub $100 range, are not very comfortable. I'm wearing a pair of k27is at this very moment and even after stretching the headband etc I still find them uncomfortable after 45-60m of use. Here's the review
(Reviewer gave 5/5 rating)

[size=xx-small]I bought these to compare to my AKG K81DJ. I got them just before AC started carrying them, and I must say, they are absolutely FANTASTIC for the price. Very nice clear, detailed bass, with some only very slightly rolled off highs. They seem to have the signature AT tipped upper mids, which a bonus in my book. The mids seem a bit more recessed than those of the K81DJ, but in my opinion it helps to add to their very good soundstaging.

They are much more comfortable than the K81, with a much less aggressive grip on the head. The cord is just the right length for portable use, which is my main usage for these cans.

So the verdict in comparison with the K81DJ: The SJ5 has a comparable sound with an overall better balance. The bass is tight, controlled, and detailed. The highs are a bit more extended as well.

K81 Killer? YES!

So, that should answer my question right? Well, it doesn't. I typically like to read about 3 reviews before I buy a new pair of cans, or a new anything that I'm going to spend some money on and time using. One last thing: the cord on the k81DJ is said to be loooong while the cord on the SJ5s is supposedly nice and short.
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I was going to get these, then I thought:
What's the point if I already held and hold another pair of cans that kick the K81DJ's ass?

HP460's sound better than K81DJ's IMO. And the style of that would be more comparable to the SJ5's.

(note to those: Yeah, the review needs a slight bit of editing and checks then I should be done. Sorry guys but school is especially important this year)
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Originally Posted by evilking /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I read a thread today where somoeone compared three headphones including these two. First came the ES7, then the SJ5, then the K81DJ. I'll try and find it.


Nice one! I searched the forums for SJ5 but I didn't see that.
@nsjong: Thanks for your input! I've read up on the HP460 and they have also become a bit of a contender, though I really like the flexibility (swivelling earpieces) of the other two. I tend to throw my headphones in my backpack to and from class and it's nice when they can be a little more flexible.
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any more thoughts on this?
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I took a chance on them and ordered a pair from Audio Cubes this afternoon. Hopefully they live up to my expectations! But for $49 USD... the expectations aren't that high.

I'm pretty new at this headphones thing, so I'm not much of a reference when it comes to quality audio, but I'll be sure to share my comments in the near future.


edit: by "them", I mean the SJ5's. Just in case I wasn't clear.
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More reviews is what everybody is waiting for.

Anyone (dutch probably) know where to get audiotechnica phones in Holland? Don't have the creditcard/paypal account required at audiocubes, and cheap portable closed cans still are on my wish list. The sj5's are so much prettier than the akg's if you ask me (not a very audiophile remark, but remember, I also asked for more reviews
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I got a message from Audio Cubes saying that they were shipped!

Sweet... Should be here by Friday. However, don't expect a detailed review... I'm a noob when it comes to headphones and don't really have a point of reference... The only 'phones I owned were Sony Fontopia IEM's and Koss Sparkplugs modded with ety tips... so yeah.

I'll still tell you if they sound nice, not that it'll be much help
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I just picked up some SJ5's a few hours ago and since I live in Japan so they were only $32! That's the good news, but the bad news is that my review is simply "I love them (it?)". These are my first headphones other than cheap earbuds so I can't tell you anything about mids/highs etc... I can only compare to Sennheiser MX500 and it's no contest - the SJ5's are amazing.

It would be nice if a case was included but you can't have everything.
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deadlyspoon, have you received the sj5's yet? i wanna know how they sound...

im planning on getting those or the fc7's from audiocubes [after shipping there is a 2 dollar price diff between them]
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Originally Posted by threEchelon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The ES7 is worth buying just for the mirror finish

definitely, it's worth buying twice! (soon, very soon

to me there's a certain allure for these cans, I saw someone wearing them today, and I just feel so inclined to spend the $$$ for these. but I must......resist.....for now.

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