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Astell & Kern SP1000 Amp

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by SoundBytes, Jul 17, 2019.
  1. bmichels
    I wIll be very interested to hear your comments about SP1000 AMP + VC.

    Indeed, I have SP1000 and just received my verite Closed, and.... obviously the Verite C is underpowered by the SP1000 Alone (volume level is OK, but sound is congested and soundstage colapsed ! :frowning2:

    So... I am hesitating between getting the SP1000AMp or "upgrading" to SP2000.... but I understood that SP2000 is less powerful than SP1000 + SP1000 AMP. is it correct ?
  2. TheHighlander
    Hello. Im still waiting my VC. Probably just in the end of december to beginning of January. In Ak site uou can see that sp1000+amp is more powerful than sp2000 (balanced high gain I think is 4 more Vrms than sp2000 from balanced). When I get the VC I will try give some feedback about this 2). I think will be enough to drive since I can drive Hekv2 from 3.5 on high gain from the amp.
  3. bmichels
    OK, here we are... after 1 day of break-in my very first conclusion is that the SP1000 Amp module really improve on the SP1000 when driving the Verite Closed.

    Sound level wise, with my Verite Closed on the SP1000 alone I have to set-up volume at 120 (/ 150) while with the Amp, the volume (with high gain) is set at 100 (/ 150) and at 110 (/150) with low gain.

    This may seems not to be a major improvement, but the interesting part is elsewhere: With the Amp, the dynamic and spacious sound is back...close to what I get from the VC with my Desktop EC445 amp. Without the SP1000 amp, the VC sound is "flat" and boring. And the difference is not subtil...

    I also noticed that "low gain" set-up of the Amp is even more pleasant than "High gain" which may be sometime agressive (but... with the VC "high gain" may be needed depending on the recording and your listening ). I recommand you try booth and do not directly jump to High-gain.

    Now I will try with IEMs and Shure KSE1500 but to see if they also benefit from the added space and musicality of the Amp, even if they do not need the added output power. Tests will tell... but I think that with those IEMs I will alsays use the "low gain" set-up of the Amp.


    but don't get too excited, the SP1000 AMP amp is only "close" to the EC445 desktop amp, not equal.
    The EC445 is indeed a faboulous and very powerful amp that no portable device can match.... It can even drive the old HE6 to it's full potential :smile:

  4. bmichels
    since I have the SP1000 Amp module I confirm that the Amp Module improves the SP1000 sound, even for IEMs. So, now my AMP is permanently attached to the DAP,... except when I use the SHURE KSE 1500 because, for some obscure reason, the SP1000 Amp
    Distorde and click a lot when connected to the SHURE’s amp !! ( impedance incompatibility

    But.... VERY ANNOWING is that each time I turn ON the DAP, even with the AMP module attached, I need to go to set-up to turn ON the use of the AMP ! !

    IMO The SP1000 should detect that the AMP is attached or take the last configuration used before last shut down !

    A&K can you please fix this with a new firmware ??

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019

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