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Astell&Kern Launches Four New Products at High End 2019 Munich

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  1. szore
    I know there is a dick joke in here somewhere, i just can't find it...
  2. jwbrent
    My final say on the plug controversy, but A&K had to make the determination of which balanced plug to use based upon their existing customer base, many of which will upgrade from an older model. They’d potentially upset those whom already owned 2.5mm balanced cables. Not good for business.
  3. bflat
    Disagree. They should have been courageous like Apple.....remove the audio jack altogether!
  4. jwbrent
    I’m not there with you yet on wireless audio performance, but I suppose you were jesting.
    maira likes this.
  5. maira
    Well the DAP is $3,500. How much is a cable?
  6. jwbrent
    People spend many hundreds of dollars for specialized cables, some even four figures. One can always send a cable back for re-termination, but that costs money and time, and it becomes a reason to hold some back from upgrading. When you make it easy to do, upgrades are more likely.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  7. maira
    Sooner or later they have to switch to 4,4mm, because it is becoming the new standard. This DAP will be outdated qickly in this regard.
  8. szore
    Could they just have provided both> 4.4, 3.5, 2.5...? Seems the DAP is big enough to accommodate...
  9. jwbrent
    Only for those who don’t own A&K daps (as well as a host of other brands). I think A&K customers are pretty loyal, especially top end buyers; I myself have owned four different models and will likely get the SP2000.

    A&K is on a two year cycle for upgrading their top model. Perhaps in two years, this subject will be moot.
  10. jwbrent
    It’s not just what’s seen on the outside, it’s like an iceberg; there’s a lot more hiding under the surface. All those connectors would take up a lot of internal space.
    bidn and TYATYA like this.
  11. Whitigir
    It depends on the headphones....really :). But as far as technologically differences, it means everything from 97 vs 99 would be very different in engineering perspective. It is amazingly competitive to stay at $3500 when each AK4499EQ is about $100.....and a whole new design is needed and adopted from the ground up. This is the first time I am seeing A&K seriously and fiercely competing !
  12. jwbrent
    I kind of miss the carbon fiber back (not sure if the 1000 is like this, too), but I’m sure it will look nice in person. The triangular shiny portion is for Bluetooth, I’d imagine.

    I love the extra power. I won’t need a strap-on amp anymore. And the new state-of-the-art AKM DACs will lessen my impulses to use a portable DAC ... unless a really big upgrade happens with the Mojo 2, if there is one coming.
  13. jwbrent
    Oh, and yeah, I’m definitely a stainless steel kind of guy.
  14. ledzep
    2.5/3.5/4.4/6.35 old news once I get my crowd funding sorted and submit my idea to AK for the SP10,000 I'll be laughing !
    Wires ? Where I'm going we don't need wires !
    bidn likes this.
  15. szore
    Does that have bluetooth?
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