Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. orifiel
    I agree, with the Kaiser Encore, the best match would be the AK70 MK2, because AK320 is more on the bright side, and the match with Encore could sound sibilant
  2. vlach
    Is anyone here using the Mojo via optical with their ak70 DAP? If so i would like to know if (aside from the extra power the Mojo delivers) it is a worthwile improvement purely from a SQ perspective. Thank you.
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  3. productred
    1. At its price the AK320 (when used alone) is simply not competitive.
    2. No the CS4398 is at least on par with the AKM4490. Both are great and are popular in hi-end systems, with the 4490 a bit newer if I remember correctly. Also no doubt the DAC matters in terms of overall sound quality, but from my own experience it usually matters way less than how brands hype them to be. The amp circuitory often have a stronger bearing on the resulting sound. My 2 cents.
    3. No the AK320 is NOT better than the AK70ii at all. Both are nice players, but the AK70ii is better in details (fairly apparent if you are into classical), transcients, bass response, layering. Probably due to a newer and more efficiently designed amp section. AK320 more readily gives a bit more expansive soundstage. Overall I'd say the AK70ii is better on sound quality alone.
    4. The only plus for the AK320 is its compatibility with the AK amp, if that matters to you. With the AK amp it becomes another beast, not too far from AK380+AKamp's performance. But then the size and weight takes it out of the very portable / pocket-friendly league. If you are into this route, I think you can get an AK amp for pretty cheap now - it had been given away as freebies with purchase of AK3XX series players in some areas.
  4. macdonjh
    Thank you, Productred.
    1 At $1800 for the AK320 I agree it is not competitive. But I have seen the AK320 for $1000 and think maybe.
    2 I suspect as much with regard to the DACs and have no trouble believing the implementation of the analog stage eclipses the DAC choice alone.
    4 I don't care about the portable amp and do not plan to use one. I like my on the go audio minimalist. The AK320 feature that still intrigues me is the parametric equalizer.

    Wish I could afford both so I could try both.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  5. uncle b
    Kinda crazy, after a bit of deliberation, I decided to order an AK70mkII. I realize it doesn’t have the parametric EQ, but the last two AK products I’ve had (AK300 and before that, AK240), both had that EQ, and I literally never used it! The players sounded great w/o the EQ, so I went with the smaller form/footprint of the AK70mkII.
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  6. macdonjh
    I have considered that possibility, too. What intrigues me about the AK320 equalizer is it is parametric. I do not think I would use a graphic eq.

    Decisions, decisions.
  7. jmcbride
    Hello everybody, I'm trying to copy ripped music from my PC to the AK70mk2. It all seems to work fine, but the album artwork doesn't copy over.
    I rip music using Windows Media Player, and album art displays fine there.
    Any ideas?

  8. macdonjh
    I do not generally have trouble with art work when transferring FLAC files, but .wav files never get art work for some reason.
  9. desmond0123
    does anyone have problem with the color peeling off for the case of the ak70 mk2 fate seems that the color of the case peeling of quite easily.
  10. havenlau
    Yes unfortunately, the corners peeled a slightly..
    Which is why I picked up the black case, especially coz the white case is "limited"

    Also on the side note, I got my device back from AK after sending it for repair since I had some weird clock reset problem after reboot, they changed the main board for me coz they couldn't figure out what the problem was,
    Now good news is that the clock doesn't reset every time I reboot the device, however in a very special circumstance, I can still reproduce the problem:

    It goes something like:
    1. Set the time
    2. Unplug headphone
    3. Plug charger
    4. Shutdown
    5. Unplug charger after shutdown
    6. Plug headphone
    7. Power on
    And then somehow the time will go back to 2012/1/26 11:30 AM

    But as long as I don't do those things I don't think I've seen the device changing time on its own anymore, I emailed AK about this but I haven't heard back yet. To be honest I can live with this coz I don't have any other issues anymore, but man this is so weird LOL
  11. desmond0123
    Thanks for the reply.The peeling of the case is a bit disappointing since it is a limited case but since it start peeling might as well use you have any issue with the black case peeling.For my unit i don't think i have encounter the issue you stated above.For the warranty is it international or do i have to send it back to japan in the case of a problem?
  12. havenlau
    I don't have issue with the black case peeling yet but I'll keep an eye out, the material feels a bit different though.

    For the warranty I'm not too sure, @JasonNYC probably knows, if you can get the receipt of your purchase I think you should be fine, I'm still in Japan so I just sent it back there, but I will return to Canada in a few months so I also would like to know if it is international, for this price I hope it is.
  13. JasonNYC
    This question was asked a few weeks ago. Since unit is a Japan exclusive, it can only be returned and repaired in Japan.

    Also, please note as per the warranty terms on our website and in the package, if the unit was purchased from a third party and not an authorized reseller, we cannot honor the warranty since we cannot verify the unit hasn't been altered in any way. We've had issues in the past where someone purchased a unit from a third party only to find out later it was a poorly refurbished unit from an unauthorized repair center.
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  14. desmond0123
    Hmm maybe that's why they give a free case if you bought a fate edition ak70 mkii,always thought that the case is the same as normal ak70 mkii white case maybe it is different who knows.
  15. desmond0123
    Thanks for the reply,cause i bought it from e-earphone in japan that is a authorized reseller right?
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