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Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. NaiveSound
  2. StiffFingers
    Does anyone have occasionally audio cut out on one side (mine cut out on the left)? It happen only when I paused and resume playing. It happened only few times on my unit but everything works fine after resetting the unit. (I m using a 2.5mm balanced output).

    Other than that. I LOVE the player.
  3. kubig123
    Never happened to me, but I’ll try again and let you know.
  4. NaiveSound
    I didn't but i also got a lot of RF noise while playing Tidal streaming in my opinion garbage player
  5. macdonjh
    I know this is an AK70II thread, but I wonder if anyone has had trouble with AK in general playing FLAC? Within the last month both of my Jr.s have started refusing to play FLAC files. One even refused to play a couple of WAV files this afternoon. I posted more information in another thread, here:

    I could use your help with some ideas (besides the idea already posted on the other thread, which I haven't tried yet).
  6. kubig123
    I don't think judging the player just listening to tidal is fair.
    I would not choose any AK player if you have to listen to tidal.
  7. kubig123
    no, I never experienced something like that, did you try to convert the files to a different format?
    once I couldn't play aiff files that I imported with iTunes, but once I convert them to wav I never had an issue.
  8. macdonjh
    I'd be interested to know what your favorite DAP is. I like A&K stuff, but know there's plenty of competition out there.
  9. macdonjh
    Almost all my files are ripped as WAV, I convert to FLAC when synching them to my players. What's really disturbing about this problem: one of my Jr.s is starting to refuse to play WAV files, too.

    I'll copy this response to the other thread. I don't want to highjack this thread.
  10. NaiveSound

    Loving mojo/Poly. Also dx200 has no rf
  11. kubig123
    I both love the SP1000cu and the WM1Z, right now I found myself listening to the SP1000 more.
    The ak 70mkll is my favorite player when I pair it with the Kaiser Encore, it's the warmest player I have and but because of that not all the ciems I have are a good match, the DX200 is another great player but more analytic than the other I mentioned before.
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  12. y2jdmbfan
    I have the Shure KSE1500's, which I love, but wanted something a little more portable, so I picked up a pair of like new Kaiser Encore's. I needed a new DAP, as I sold my last AK120ii a while back to fund another purchase, so I picked up a second hand AK70 MKii. I then started doing research on the SP1000. Is it really worth the upgrade to the SP1000 if I am using with either the KSE1500 or Encore's based on your experience? I plan on buying some custom Kaiser Encore's in the near future, as I want some customs and I think that will add a little more low end bass with the better seal. Any input is appreciated.
  13. kubig123
    I have a set of custom Encore and could not be happier, the fitting is perfect and I love their wizard design, I feel that the universal Encore is quite big and heavy.

    The Sp1000 is amazing, but it's heavy and it feels quite delicate (I have the copper version), the 70mkii is a better solution for traveling, more compact and, like a said, great combo with the Encore, if I want to use the Encore I'll look for the 70, not the 1000.
    The sound signature are quite different, the 70 is definetly warm, the 1000cu is a touch warm, but not as the 70. I didn't test the KSE1500 with the 70, but I can assure you it pairs magnificently with the SP1000.

    it comes down to your budget and needs, I use the SP1000 mainly in the office and if I fly, while if I commute in the city then I'll take the 70, it fit in a pocket and it's less conspicuous :ksc75smile:.
  14. THGM
    I'm thinking of getting an AK DAP to stream Tidal, as well as high-res files and would be interested to know your reasons.
  15. uncle b
    Just recently picked up an AK70mkII. I’ve previously owned an AK240 and then an AK300. I kinda flipped between getting the AK70mkII and the KANN (the SP1000 was just outta my price range, plain & simple). I decided for portability and went for the AK70mkII (the KANN intrigued me, but the size and lack of a case kinda moved me away from it). I picked up a SanDisk 400gb microSD card and have been loading it up and really enjoying the AK70mkII through my Shure SE846.
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