Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. R7photo
    Hey guys think I asked before no response
    Any Kann owners compare mk 2 to Kann, sound quality only, only interested if dual dacs make difference in soundstage, highs , mods and lows,
    I have the Kann and love it, but was just wondering thx guys
  2. diivoshin
    Just got it in the mail today and sounds great so far. Anyone else having some wifi issues? Can't really pick up signals very well...
  3. Arh Rao
  4. jonmbarlow
    Yes mine struggles to pick up wifi whenever I take the unit upstairs....only about 20 feet away from router
  5. JasonNYC
    We've finished internal testing and are happy to announce official support for the Sandisk 400GB microSD cards for all of Astell&Kern's players!
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  6. diivoshin
    That sounds about right. I had no issues picking up WIFI at home when the router was near me, but I was unable to pick up WIFI at work.
  7. Deftone

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  8. LondonGecko
    Does this require a forthcoming firmware update, or just that A&K are happy that they work?
  9. JasonNYC
    No firmware update needed.

    Technically, all of our players should support up to 2TB microSD cards out of the box as long as the card manufacturer follows the industry standard. We like to run our own internal tests once a larger capacity card is released to make sure they work correctly before we officially make a statement of support for the larger capacity card.
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  10. jondextan
    should i get a used AK240 or a new AK70ii?
  11. rick81
    Hi, i need to know which AK DAP permit to exclude internal amp using line out. Thanks!
  12. rick81
    And using bluetoth connection aptx hd, is possible to bypass internal amp?
  13. meringo
  14. bmichels
    I have a mission: building a portable set-up for a friend, based on an AK70 MK2 and a full size headphone. (he do not want my SHURE KSE1500 in ear solution )

    Considering the limited output of the AK70 MK2 amp, what full size headphone can be recommended ?
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  15. nanaholic
    I'm assuming that he'll want something closed back? In that case I'm assuming it's phones that is easy to drive (low impedance, high sensitivity), has removable cables and is balance connection ready to take advantage of the balance amp of the MK2 with the more powerful output. It's actually surprisingly hard because there aren't that many closed back full size portable phones in the mid-fi and up category for portable use as most people shopping in that price range are after open backs for home use. Perhaps start with phones like the Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd Gen or Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo?
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