Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Bengkia369, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. meringo
    I've been using my player for about a week now. This seems to be a nice upgrade over my AK100ii, except for battery life. Which case does the community think is best? The official one or Dingis? It sucks they are sooo expensive.
  2. rschoi75
    I turn mine completely off to charge. It takes about 2-3 hours (not really paying attention to the exact time) with a 1amp charger.

    *Edit - @meringo, I have the official case and it's very nice. Solid, tight fit, not too bulky. I can't really compare it to anything else.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
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  3. tommy1st
    One quick question, when will the spotify be supported? like tidal?
  4. JasonNYC
    We do not have an ETA on Spotify support at this time. We are constantly evaluating addition services and options to add to our player line ups and speaking to potential partners, but do not have any information on Spotify support at this time. Please check back on our social media pages and on Head-Fi for future announcements.
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  5. BLacklWf
    Any Roon support in pipeline? I think Roon support will win over many traditional audiophiles - since I really cannot think of anyone who doesn't have Roon outside the head-fi community.
  6. JasonNYC
    We currently do not support Roon at this time. We will make an announcement if we do add Roon support in the future.
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  7. BLacklWf
    I strongly hope your company will consider Roon support because I personally LOVE Roon. I also think Roon support will give A&K a better rating from Stereophile magazine. :)
  8. JasonNYC
    Thank you for your feedback. We have had a number of requests for Roon support on our players and are looking into it. We just don't have anything to announce yet.
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  9. tommy1st
    Thanks a lot! I got my AK70 MKII several days ago. And I absolutely love it! But just one thing that bothers me a lot. When you using it as a computer dac, you can't control the volume by simply turning the volume knob. You can only adjust the volume by unlock the device first. But when you just using it as DAP, you can adjust the volume. Do you think AK will fix this in the future? or there's some setting I don't know?

  10. Arh Rao
    I can adjust volume when using as DAC mode.
    The only thing bother me is that the music will crashed about 2 seconds and continue, sometimes.
  11. tommy1st
    Is there any special setting of it? I've tried my macbook and also my thinkpad. And for both of them, it doesn't work. Maybe I got a defected product?
  12. Arh Rao
    I don't know... I tried with my Dekstop, its work, but it's doesn't work with my Lenovo Ideapad, not even make a sound lol.
  13. Randomrubble
    Thanks. Switching the player off completely made a big difference - guess I will need to charge overnight.
  14. Van Gogh
    Hi guys,

    I have Astell and Kern and Beyerdynamics T8ie earphones which i play on my HTC10 phone.
    I got the t8ie because they sounded amazing to me and got the HTC10 because last year they were considered the best phones for playing music due to having an onboard dac.

    Now my question is will there be any sound quality improvement if i get the AK70 mkii?
    I am not looking for pure sound quality improvement but overall sound listening better experience. I really dig the look of the device!
  15. Arh Rao
    Never try HTC 10 tho, but Compare to my OnePlus 3, it's a significant upgrade.
    AK 70 MKII is not a pure sound signature to me, they increase Clarity(A lot, especially Balanced output), Opened and Details
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