Are the Sennheiser RS 220 wireless headphones a good choice for me?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rihsc102, Feb 24, 2013.
  1. rihsc102
    Hi I am looking for some advice. I run a small business from home and would like to get some high quality headphones to wear while I work. They need to be an open design so I can hear the phone / intercom system. Wireless would help as well as I am constantly moving about to answer phones, reply to emails etc, but if its going to greatly reduce sound quality then something wired could be an option.

    I was looking at using my PC, which has an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 sound card, with the Sennheiser RS 220 wireless headphones. The PC is in another room, so I would need to use a Remote Desktop app on my ipad to control the PC, but I thought that would be a better option than using the ipad sound directly.

    My music collection is on my PC and is in AIFF format. I mainly listen to electro house, progressive house, drum and bass, garage, but I also like some older soul and jazz, and a little classical music as well.

    Have I chosen a good set up? Or are there better options available? Any advice is appreciated.

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