Are Sound Magic PL-30 Professional Earphones Better Sounding than the Audio Technica CK7s?
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Aug 19, 2006
Hi i have a CK7 & i love it alot. But i see alot of people mentioning the Sound Magic Professional Earphones.

Are these Sound Magic Earphones better sounding than my beloved CK7's?

Thanx All.
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Feb 19, 2005
Might be a cop out but they are too different for just yes or no. If you like the CK7 sound you will like it better but if you like the darker more bassy PL30 type sound you would probably say that the PL30 is better. The CK7 have more detail and treble while the PL30 have more meat/texture and depth and are more bass slanted.

I had the PL30 at the same time as two other earphones, the SE420 and the SF 5. I would say the SF 5 and SE420 are on the same level but different in sound and presentation. The PL30 sounds a lot more like the Shure and competes well with them. Versus the SF 5 they fall quite short since what I like best in the 5 are the weaker parts of the PL30.

If you like only a certain sound signature you should stick to that CK7 type sounding phone. If you want a change of pace or a complement for the CK7 then I would recommend the PL30.

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