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Arcam rHead Class-A Analogue Headphone Amplifier

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  1. ninetylol
    I dont have any of those, but i got the Nightowls and can compare it to the DFR. With the DFR the NO's sound a bit cleaner in the top end and highs are also a bit more detailed. You really hear, that the NO were tuned with the DFR in mind. Theres nothing really lacking. Still the Arcam drive the NO's with a bit more authority. I feel like the really low frequencies (i.e. sub bass) hit a bit harder, and the treble gets smoothed just a little bit. The Arcam rHead is absolutley non fatiguing and got such a relaxing signature, you just want to keep listening to one more song with it. Also build quality is outstanding and the volume potentiometer is world class. I really would like to hear it with some harder to drive headphones since i got the feeling the rHead will drive those really really well.
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  2. MementoMori99
    Thank you. In my case, I am quite content with using the DFR with my 13" and 15" macbook pro or wireless portable speakers through an auxiliary cable.
  3. bracko
    I can give you my impressions regarding Lake People G109-P and Schiit Asgard 2 (driving my HE-500). As usual with different amps the sound difference is not night and day. Therefore I will exaggerate a little bit to make the picture clearer :).

    Compared to the Lake People amp rhead sounds more detailed and has better imaging. LP is warmer and somewhat smoother. Compared to the Asgard, rhead has better control and timing. The bass with rhead is tighter and more musical (better tonality and timing). I really don't like Asgard 2 with HE-500. Asgard is too colored and warm for my taste. YMMV with some other headphones.
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  4. MementoMori99
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  5. MementoMori99
    Thank you, that was quite helpful.
  6. L0rdGwyn
    Well, I got my rHead, one week shipped from the UK. For $200 USD from Analogue Seduction, this thing really is a steal. Build quality is superb, nice matte-black minimalist design. Sound quality is clean, transparent, and very detailed. Got this for my girlfriend's home office setup, pairs really well with her HD650's.
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  7. greygoose
    I was looking at the rhead discounted amp for my HD650'S, does this amp match well and remove the Veil so ofter talked about with these cans?
    Choice is between the Arcam or Schit joutenheim, II dont need a DAC so a good amp is all I need any help would be appreciated.
  8. lentoviolento
    i don't understand... i'm at 3 o'clock with my lcd2... no slam/punch at all... it seems powerless!!! what is going on?? my dac at the momenti is audio gd r2r 11...
  9. bracko
    It is very strange. rHead is a very powerful amp and capable of delivering 6V disregarding what load you connect to it. To reach 90 dB SPL with your LCD2 you would need approximately 0.2 V. Have you tried to connect your source to some other amp to compare? Are you using single-ended or balanced signal connection between your source and your amp?
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  10. lentoviolento
    So, i'm using se input. Maybe the problem is the source (yesterday i was using my phone because the adapter is broken and dont work, so i had to use the modem adapter but doying so i wasnt able to stream from tidal). With audio gd outputting 2,5v in rhead i was thinking about more body to the sound... Today i try to buy an adapter that works and see if i use the pc the things get better, otherwise i try to give it back! Dang it! I wanted an amp for the sunmer that worked! That doesn't get very hot
  11. bracko
    So, how did it go?
  12. lentoviolento

    worst amp i have ever tried. it was mute until 12 o'clock, than it was shouty and fatiguing and impossible to set at a good volume. i brought that back and ask for a refound. lost 10%.
    bought an audio gd nfb1 and now i am set for good.
  13. bracko
    If rhead is the worst amp you have ever tried then I guess you have only listened to premium amps costing £1000 and more so far? It is also strange that you chose to buy audio gd nfb-1, an amp that is inferior to rhead in almost every respect. Did you read about rhead's volume control before you bought the amp to learn how it behaves?
  14. Bhargu
    Does anyone know what the cross-talk figures for rHead are like?
  15. Bhargu
    I keep hearing of the lower sound stage and and that details are smothed-over. Is that compared to amps of $250, $600 or higher. How do they compare to other sub $250 amps?
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