Arcam rHead Class-A Analogue Headphone Amplifier

  1. starence
    I have a quick question about this amp. Would the stock power supply from a unit sold in the UK be compatible with 120V US power?
  2. sheldaze
    The box comes packed with all the global power adapters. The one power brick has adapters that snap on. The brick itself handles inputs between 100V and 240V. So yes, it is International compatible. Just make certain, if you are buying used, the original owner kept all the adapters.
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  3. starence
    It looks like the rHead's price has dropped to £199. Very nice.
  4. Gyro4321
    Has anyone tried these with t50 mods? Did it power them sufficiently?
  5. starence
    I think the rHead would have more than enough power, haven't tried those headphones myself though. It drives my HD 650 easily.

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