Arcam rHead Class-A Analogue Headphone Amplifier

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  1. starence
    I have a quick question about this amp. Would the stock power supply from a unit sold in the UK be compatible with 120V US power?
  2. sheldaze
    The box comes packed with all the global power adapters. The one power brick has adapters that snap on. The brick itself handles inputs between 100V and 240V. So yes, it is International compatible. Just make certain, if you are buying used, the original owner kept all the adapters.
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  3. starence
    It looks like the rHead's price has dropped to £199. Very nice.
  4. Gyro4321
    Has anyone tried these with t50 mods? Did it power them sufficiently?
  5. starence
    I think the rHead would have more than enough power, haven't tried those headphones myself though. It drives my HD 650 easily.
  6. ninetylol
    So for 249€ this is pretty much a steal right? Stumbled upon it accidently (wanted to buy the Aune X7S), but i may pull the trigger on this one instead. The amp just seems very little known but the few reviews out there are praising it pretty high.
  7. project86 Contributor
    I'd totally grab it at that price. An excellent value, right up there with the Massdrop Cavalli CTH which has very limited availability.

    I personally think something went awry with the marketing of this amp. The r-series DACs seemed to be all over the place, with reviews in most every major publication in print and online. You could buy the things at big online shops like Crutchfield and Audio Advisor.

    Meanwhile the rHead only seemed to get a select few reviews (all positive, but still....) and was only sold in a handful of small online places. Now, as I check Audio Advisor, it doesn't show they carry any Arcam gear at all. Perhaps something to do with the sales territories... I get the impression Arcam isn't huge on the online free-for-all sales strategy. Still, that makes it tough for a lot of buyers who don't have the option of buying local in person.

    Anyway, rest assured - the rHead is an exceptional sounding solid-state amp for it's asking price. Anything less is that much more of a value.
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  8. ninetylol
    Thank you for the suggestion. Sitting on my desk now. Amazing amp! Really glad i ordered it!

    I tried the Fiio A5 last week because i read its a good pairing with my headphones (Audioquest Nightowl) but i wasnt satisfied with it. It was more like a sidegrade from the DFR. But this amp is something else for sure. A different league. Again im really happy with my purchase!
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  9. Robert777
    So tempted to pick up this amp and a pair of Nightowl's actually, but I normally prefer tubes.

    Just thinking out loud.
  10. Robert777
    @project86 Have you by any chance heard the Magni 3? I was recently debating between this, at its original price, and the Magni 3 but went for the latter as it was so much cheaper. i never stopped being curious about this amp though and it is now at an insanely low price. I have TH900 headphones.

    Thank you.
  11. jellofund
    Ordered one myself yesterday from Peter Tyson's and due to be deliverd today. Mainly have lower impedance headphones so hoping this should pair quite well. Do also have a Mojo I can use but would prefer a 'proper' desktop amp with a smaller footprint than my Lyr 2.. For £160 new this looked worth a punt.

    @Robert777 there is also a used Rhead for sale on AV Forums which might be of interest. Has a tiny chip on the back but otherwise seems to be in very good nick. Seller is asking for £110 inc. UK delivery. Would have gone for it myself but the seller was originally only selling it bundled with some fancy XLR cables and wasn't looking to split.
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  12. Robert777
    Thank you.

    I wondered where the 159.00 one had disappeared to when I went to buy it today, or at least to look at it and think about buying it today.

    Let me know how you like it.

    I will check out AV forums.

    Thank you.
  13. jellofund
    Will do!

    Tyson's must have bumped the price up overnight. Analogue Seduction are still selling it for £158.99 though :)
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  14. Blueshound24

    Any word yet on the USA tour? :)
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  15. project86 Contributor

    I've heard it briefly - it sounded pretty darn good, but I didn't get anywhere near enough listening in to form a solid conclusion, much less compare to the rHead. Sorry!
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