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Apple Beats X mod for IEM

  1. D1scoDav
    Just a quick update.... had a complete cable made with the Westone connectors from effect audio (stupidly thinking they were the same ones that come on the westone bluetooth cable), it looked and sounded fantastic, the connectors wouldn’t stay in properly as they have a recessed part at the male plug. When i was trying to fix this, and completely mangled one of the connectors.

    I’ve got a pair of the Shure connectors from effect audio now and this weekend will have put it all together. I’ll post pictures when complete.
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  2. D1scoDav
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
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  3. daulagiri

    Kinda looks like professionally done
  4. D1scoDav
    Haha thanks, it took me about 5 goes to get it right over a few months, means I can demote the westone bluetooth cable to a gym only cable and I can use this as my on the go cable.

    Thank you very much sir for the inspiration!
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  5. kevinscottcaja
    Here's my take on mine, I cut my beats X and I solder some cheap chinese MMCX cable (black would have the right option but I don't have in hand right now). I could not bother soldering a MMCX plug but I might do that in the future with my second beats X. Not pretty but it'll get the job done. Powering my iBasso IT01 and Westone UM Pro 50 v2. Sounds good than a lot of my MMCX bluetooth cables.

    IMG_1342.JPG IMG_1343.JPG IMG_1344.JPG
  6. D1scoDav
    Nice work! I like the two different colours of cable!
  7. kevinscottcaja
    Thanks! I still find it weird having that two tone colour on the cable. Lol! I will do a MMCX plug only on my 2nd beats X. I'm still looking for shops here in Hong Kong who sells cheap MMCX plugs.
  8. D1scoDav
    I used the effect audio Shure connector, it’s rock solid and pretty easy to put together.
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  9. kevinscottcaja
    One thing for sure, after extensive comparison between wired and using the beats X mod I noticed loss in the sub-bass and treble on both of my IEMs (iBasso IT01 and UMPro50) no idea if this is because the MMCX plug not connected directly to the beats x wire cable or simply the built in amp not capable of pushing the said IEMs. Would like to hear others if there is a noticeable sound difference in your beats x mod compared to wired. So far my PLUSSOUND mmcx bluetooth cable and my cheap Sony SBH20 adapter are the only bluetooth adapters that sounds close to wired but they really suck at providing decent and stable bluetooth connection especially when used in the subway.
  10. D1scoDav
    I guess it must be an issue with the resistance vs the power of the cable. I have the westone Bluetooth cable, and the beats mod, I think the beats mod sounds better, but I think the only difference maybe the volume output being a bit higher.

    I have a double helix cables symbiote sp 8 core and there is no competition between the two, I like the Bluetooth for simplicity, but I would never consider the sound to be in the same league as the wired option.
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  11. kevinscottcaja
    Well, I had another try so I desolder the copper MMCX and soldered a decent one cut from the Magaosi cable from my already sold K3 Pro and this time it sounded really good, almost a close as wired. I will still do the MMCX soldered directly to the beats x wire. The reason why I want that short wire is I feel like the beats X cable is not long enough for the mic remote to reach my mouth during calls.

  12. D1scoDav
    I have mine quite short, it hasn’t had any effect on the call quality if I’m being honest.

    I prefer the shorter cable as I find that when its longer it just wants to flap in to my face haha
  13. Spankypoo
    Does anyone know what the output impedance is?
  14. D1scoDav
    Absolutely no idea, I just cut things up and stick them back together haha
  15. MrPopo
    When you replaced the phones on your Beats X with connectors did you run into any trouble? I just opened mine up and can't seem to get any signal on the multimeter regardless of which pair of wires I test. On either end I have the following wire combos:
    Red (coated)
    Green (Coated)

    I'm guessing that Red/blue is Right/Right ground and Green/Brown is Left/Left ground and the striped wire is the mic connection? It's strange to me that they would wire left and right to both sides of the headphones. Regardless I'm wondering if I messed something up as I can't seem to get a signal out of any pair.

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