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Apple Beats X mod for IEM

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  1. brintamatic
    Okay, I've always been a little crazy in the head so here is my attempt at trying to explain what I'd like:

    Does anyone know if you can take Apple's newest Beats X and cut off the tips and modify it with mmcx or any other IEM connect so you can use it with good IEMs?? I know it sounds crazy but here's my logic. I had the Beats X and it's flawless in its wireless/Bluetooth execution but the sound is not great. I also bought the Westone Bluetooth adapter to use with my Shure SE846 and it sounds quite good but the connection is finicky.

    I know we've got brillliant minds on this forum and thought I'd throw the idea out there.
  2. daulagiri
    Bump!! I also want to do what’s described by OP. Will be nice if anyone can chip in.
  3. daulagiri
    Sigh, nobody cares :frowning2:..

    Anyways I jumped in and contact awesome people from Treoo if they can reterminate beatsx. Well they do!!

    Here it goes:

    And you know what? It sounds decent with my Custom Art FIBAE2!! Sound wise, it beats all my other bluetooth adapter. Well nothing less expected. Apple W1 chip does play nice with my iDevices.

    Microphone also performs well. Finally I found my preferred wireless solution :D.

    Tagging @piotrus-g, perhaps Custom Art can start offering bluetooth solution :wink:.
  4. ThomasHK
    Love it, that's awesome!
  5. Fralte
    Hi I'm new here

    I'm interested in doing exactly this! How is the battery life with your customs? Up to 8 hours still?
  6. daulagiri
    Hi, welcome and sorry for your wallet :p.

    Dunno exactly how long the battery last. But I start wearing it in the morning ~8am, use it intermittently throughout the day, and usually around 4-5pm I start hearing low battery tone. Frankly speaking I’m impressed.

    Anyways the fast charge really works I stopped worrying about battery life. Just 5 mins on the power bank add ~25% charge. All you need is decent lightweight batery pack, which is plenty and dirt cheap nowadays.
  7. maxxevv
    Those are 0.75mm pins ???

    If they are, you can probably fit the KZ ZS5 BT 4.2 module too. And those cost like US$8/- shipped on Aliexpress.

    Do note that there are BT 4.1 and 4.2 versions, the latter being much more stable in connection as they actually sound plenty good with the ZS5, though battery lasts maybe 4 hours only.
    If you want to be sure, get it from Gearbest as their current stock are the BT 4.2 version.

  8. daulagiri
    Thanks, bur no thanks :).

    Tried it, nice value for money but mediocre at best.
  9. Fralte
    Thanks for the info!
  10. D1scoDav

    I saw your post, and i’ve Been wanting to get the same thing done for ages as the W1 chip is the biz (unlike beats headphones haha).

    I’ve managed to get hold of a pair of beats x for £40 from eBay, does anyone think that this is a mod that could be done at home? More importantly, when i chop the buds off and strip the cable back, will i be able to tell which cable is earth and which is sound.... i’m no electrician, i’ve seen how its done via some pretty good youtube videos.

    Mine is going to be going in to an mmcx plug, then in to a pair of se846.
  11. D1scoDav
    Another question, where would be the best place (in the UK) to get the mmcx parts, i’ve Seen them on eBay and the likes, all shipping from china...

    Love the ones from double helix cables, but i think they may be wasted on this project
  12. daulagiri
    Sure you can DIY, I was just too lazy to do it myself. Yes you can identify which cable is which from good youtube video.

    Fair warning, be sure to pay attention to cable and connector polarity, it can mess up the soundstage. Double check polarity using multimeter.

    For parts, not sure in the UK. My advise, if ebay is undesired, go take a walk to a hardware store and have a chat with the staff there. You’ll be surprised on some deal that they can offer.
  13. D1scoDav
    Hey, sorry for the late reply, thanks for your input, its mad that someone has already done what i thought was a “just me” thing.

    I’m not bothered about where i buy the parts from, just the only ones i’ve Found on eBay are a 35 day delivery time, and i’m Not the most patient of people haha.

    Next for working out which heat shrink to use.... i like what you have, although i’m Gonna try and go for a right angle mmcx connector and then try and keep the flatline cable into it, not sure if this is going to require black belt heatshrink skills, but i’m Sure i’ll Find out soon enough.
  14. Evshrug
    Hmm, fascinating! The auto-pairing tech of the W1 chip really is cool, but only the AirPods appealed to me... and I can’t justify super over-engineered earbuds. Yet again I find myself wishing I had learned soldering skills XD

    Thanks for the heads up about Treoo, never heard of them before.
  15. davidland
    hi, I'm also new here:)
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