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Anything over-ear better at isolating random noise than Beyerdynamic DT770M ?

  1. mariusii
    I have a question or need of confirmation for those of you that used this model.
    After using regular headphones and then a pair of in-ear Shure SE215, I was amazed by the difference in isolation Beyerdynamic DT770M 80ohm provided and regretted I missed out so many years.
    Now I need a backup and before buying another DT770M, I'd like to make sure there isn't anything out there at an acceptable price (<$600?) that does noise isolation even better than this. But not IEMs because my ears can't get used to things inside (and I also fear medical issues when wearing them for >8h/day).
    I did a lot of research of other models (Sennheiser HD280-Pro, HD25-1, Shure SRH840, Oppo PM-3, Bose QC35, ATH-M50x), and of them only Sony MDR-1000x and Brainwavz HM5 were tempting, but I doubt they isolate better.

    I'll use them to watch streaming videos in an environment polluted by noisy neighbors, so only isolation and confort matter, nothing else.
    So, can you confirm DT770M is the best I can get, or what else you know to work even better ?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    For a $600 budget, check out the Beyerdynamic T90, better clarity in audio, over the DT770.
  3. serman005
    Maybe also check out a ZMF Vibro Mk. II and see what you think. It could potentially work. Quite beautiful, too.
  4. mariusii
    Thx. I looked over them, but they don't mention anything about "excellent noise isolation" like the DT770M model has (which is made especially for that t 35db isolation vs only 18dB for the regular DT770). And since I use them to watch TV shows at home (not music) the clarity is not important.
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Ok, the T90 is an open headphone, but the Beyer T70 is a closed headphone and still offers better clarity then the DT770.

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