Anyone tried out the new THX Onyx?
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if it can drive 250 ohms to at least jam out levels without distortion or clipping $100. but to each their own. if it sounds great for a thx certified product then some people might find it worth $200. I'm not a dongle person and for $200 or less there are lots of great options that aren't dongles.

not to mention how disappointed I am with what fiio did with the Q5S type c. thx module that measures poorly for thx certification and doesn't have a lot of power. and I wouldn't be surprised if $20-30, if not more, is built into the price of thx stamped products.
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I just looked deeper at the specs. I am assuming the 9281 is a typo and is supposed to be 9218 but that is probably irrelevant right or wrong.

what I am most interested in is claim of headphone impedance 22-1000 ohms. I am not well versed in all headphone type hardware specs, but that 1000 ohms is a mighty claim and doesn't appear to be a 100 ohm typo. if this dongle can power 600 ohm headphones to jam out levels with no distortion then for $200 you can turn any phone that can power this dongle properly into a DAP.
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Meh. I haven't heard anything Cirrus Logic or Wolfson since Cirrus bought Wolfson. Cirrus DACs are usually too clinical and dry for my tastes and from my experience I thought more people liked Wolfson unless you're an Apple fanboy and know you're comparing iPhone/Cirrus to probably not Cirrus everything else. The THX onyx looks more compelling too. I wonder if the Onyx can easily power up to 300 ohms, much less 600 ohm headphones.
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I'll let you know if I can find my K340's. They're about here somewhere.. meanwhile can confirm this DAC/AMP pushes a LOT of power, is jet black when it comes to hiss on my IEMS but does get a little warm to the touch.
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On the contrary, there's like no hiss at all on any of my IEMS. Quietest amp I own. Super neutral sounding too.
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Haven't heard the audioquest dacs sorry. I was using the dongngle that came with my old essential phone, which seemed good enough. This absolutely murders that for power and nothing gets resampled. Plus, I found a check from my gf's dad from Christmas that I hadn't cashed, so no real cost to me! Loving it with my ES3X's right now.

The AAA-78 amp in this thing is a beast.

Found my K340s, now all I need is a 1/4 to 3.5 mm adapter... Grr

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