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Anyone ever use sennheiser hd 400s ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by t0n1zz, Aug 22, 2019.
  1. t0n1zz
    i am kinda interested with sennheiser hd 400s for the price (around $70) and since i read in their website this is The HD 4.20s successor so i should assume the sound at least more better.

    but still i having a hard time to find a really proper review about this headphones beside from this website which i am not very familiar with and don't know if they review is legid

    maybe if anyone in this forum ever use it can give some review about this headphones. My main concern is in comfort (i am wearing glasses), built quality, and sound quality that meet my taste (i mostly head accousting music, vocal, and my prefered artist is like from Ed sheeran, Jason mraz)

    i also find there is other candidates at this price range so maybe if anyone have this cans can do a little comparison
    1. takstar pro 82 (got a lot of good review but not sure about built quality and quality control in general)
    2. ath ar3bt (right now discounted to be around $66 but it also don't have any review in the internet, what i like is this is wireless with optional audio cable for wired listening)

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