Any volume limitation hack for SONY NWZ-A816 ?
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I've never found Sony players (all of which have 5mW outputs) to be loud enough. But I know I have some moderate hearing loss.
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Originally Posted by Beyerfan70 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
My apologies i missed out the "m"

lol its all good, just thought I'd clarify

i also have a question... I am getting the new sony, and was wondering if it'll be good enough to power my hd555's

any thoughts??
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To the previous posters: maybe the problem is earwax? Either on the 'phones' (lol it does look weird with two ') canals, or his own. He should first look at the 'phones and if there's no problem, go to an audiologist to examine his ears. Btw, I know that if he is sick with some "coughing" disease (a cold or something) he may have reduced ear drum sensitivity. That may be the problem too.
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guys before you shoot him all down there's something you should think about. the problem is with the people saying '30/max volume you should be going deaf, i only use 18 ect ect'.....

....what if the op has the mega bass up to max? that shows up the limited power of the unit quite clearly to the point where it gets no louder from a volume of 19 or so upwards depending on the material. YES - with megabass up full my 816 gets no louder from 19 upwards to 30.

now consider that, along with the fact that the op has gained his music down to 95db and that can well lead to the player just not being loud enough. if i were to compare it to anything, then my sony is at it limits with mega bass on while my iphone is set to half volume.
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Verococha what happens if you turn the eq off completely (including megabass) and turn the volume up?

The volume is increase little bit , and When I up to clear bass +2 and +3 other tone is decrease
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I notice a big difference when I've got the normaliser "on" on the Sony, especially outside. Also it depends if I've adjusted the gain on my music, some tracks will obviously be a lot louder than others.
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answer is simple blast 200mw into it with a headphone amp maybe the P2 or something that will fix ya I always amp my sony A818 but I keep the volume at 14 -15 to conserve battery life the A818 will not get its claimed battery time at high volume level....
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I can't believe I'm going to ask this and soooooo off topic, but MrScary is that animation you have of a little monster with its mouth open the little pet of the blonde girl from the movie the Dark Crystal......I'm attempting to apply my collected 'I need to get out of the house more' knowledge and really would like to know if I'm still on the ball with useless crap information?
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Ok, I found this forum via googling after receiving a new Sony NWZ-B143 and a X-Mini powered speaker from Amazon in the UK. I've found a lot of posts in this thread pretty damning of the Op and since I am seeing too low volume with my new MP3 player I thought I'd just comment here.

There is a volume range of 0-30 on this device (NWZ-B143), but at level 30 it is pretty comparable to my last Sony MP3 player at level 20. My last player has an exhausted battery but I was able to test it with the X-mini speaker, along with a borrowed Ipod Touch.

If I use the MP3 player as sold, the loudness through the headphones reaches comfortable limits. This is safe and understandable. I know to protect my hearing after time with the army firing all sorts of interesting devices that made loud noises (sic)

But.............pair these newer mp3 devices with the lowered/capped volume with a powered speaker and you are totally let down!

Whereas my older mp3 player and the Ipod Touch I borrowed to test could make the X-mini speaker bounce and fill the room with sound, the new mp3 player failed miserably. This means my intention of buying a new player and mini speaker which would be portable, with long life batteries, to play wherever I went, has fallen flat.

I don't know under what rules I could send my mp3 player back? I've emailed Sony asking them if it can be unlocked or if this is all I am going to get. Maybe you could say it is not Sony's fault as they are selling it for use with headphones, but this is going to be a growing problem if the volumes on devices are going to be capped as it will wipe out functionality of mini powered speakers!

The international community in a forum like this need to be aware that certain countries are limiting the volume on devices to protect users from themselves. Some appear to be doing it voluntarily ahead of laws being brought in. Now this important point has can be reached we won't be accusing people of not turning AVS off, being deaf, having earwax or any other assortment of cultural issues regarding the music they listen to, no?

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