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Any quality loss in converting FLAC to WAV?

Discussion in 'Music' started by officetally, Mar 23, 2011.
  1. officetally
    In order to play them on iTunes I have to convert my FLAC files to WAV.. just wondering if there was any quality loss associated with this, thanks.
  2. falis
    No loss, you're just decompressing.  You may be able to find something that converts FLAC to ALAC though, depending on your host.  There's also a program called fluke that works with some quicktime infrastructure to allow import of FLAC into itunes and playing it directly.  Won't work for an iPOD, but should work fine on a PC or MAC.
    - Ed
  3. immtbiker Moderator
    Can't you just convert them to ALAC? There's no loss in either format, and .wav is a space hog.
    Use dBPoweramp. It's free to try and only about $25 to buy for life.
  4. Yoga Flame
    Agreed. If you take a WAV, then convert it to FLAC/ALAC and then back to WAV again, you should end up with the exact same file. 
    I use Max to convert my lossless music to ALAC.
  5. ThumperSD
    Forget WAV, you can even use tags... i dont know how you would be able to browse for the songs on your ipod. Go with ALAC.
  6. officetally


    Space is no issue for me.. well if there is no quality loss, I'll just stick to converting them to .wav and using them in itunes.
    Although.. is there a free .flac to .alac converter? The one I use doesn't support .alac
    And does .alac play on macs? (I use windows)
  7. salannelson


    ALAC is Apple Lossless Audio Codec. You can convert the WAV files to ALAC if you'd like. Just use the built in encoder.
    In iTunes...
    Edit > Preferences > Import Settings > Apple Lossless Encoder
    Then just right click any file and select "Create Apple Lossless version".
    That's what I do even though I have dBPoweramp.
  8. Bsettle
    FLAC and WAV are both lossless audio formats. Converting FLAC to WAV will not lose the audio quality. You may type how to convert FLAC to WAV in Google to find a detailed guide to help.[​IMG]
  9. lisagorbin
    how about joining two flac tracks together using audacity. will the tracks lose quality?
  10. hogger129
    Play them back in foobar2000 and it will keep the metadata intact. 
    You could also convert to AIFF, whose tags iTunes will work with.
  11. iamjohnm
    Been looking everywhere for answer, can't seem to find one.  Maybe someone can explain =P 
    I have a WAV file from a song master.  When I use a program to change it to to lossless format, I tried both ALAC and FLAC.
    It goes from 46.7Mb to 32.9, why is this?  Both are 16-bit and 48000 Hz.
    I haven't listened to the smaller file yet but I would assume I am losing quality since that is a lot of space for a song.  
  12. immtbiker Moderator
    Maybe this will help:
  13. luckbegingood
    From a forum, i found the following:

    Now that FLAC and WAV are both lossless audio formats, why still many people want to convert FLAC to WAV? Here lists the two main reasons:

    Reason one: FLAC has a lot of advantages; however, it is not supported by Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime and other popular players and devices. It's a pity for both Mac and Windows users. Conversely, WAV has greater compatibility than FLAC, which is not only compatible with Windows portable devices but also with iTunes and QuickTime.

    Reason two: Meanwhile, people don't want to loss audio quality in the process of transformation so that they choose to convert FLAC to WAV.

    In fact, there are many methods to convert FLAC to WAV on Windows today. Here I'll introduce three of them to help you.

    Method one: Some professional audio converters that you can find around nearly all forums. This kind of software are powerful and easy-to-use, but most of them are not free.

    Method two: Format Factory. This software is free and supports many video and audio formats, but it crashes suddenly and has poor service.

    Method three: Give ffmpeg a try. Here is the command line: ffmpeg -i inputfile.flac output.wav

    Hope it's useful to you.
  14. bahamot
    To decompress from FLAC to WAV, you can use FLAC Frontend: http://flacfrontend.sourceforge.net/
    I found FLAC Frontend produce the best WAV quality compare to Foobar, dbPoweramp, xrecode II.
  15. tackytiger
    Or cut out the middle man: flac -d in.flac -o out.wav

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