any problem with three year old UM2
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Jul 28, 2009
Recently I was offered a deal on UM2(<$150, three years old) , I only tested for a little while and it seems fine, so was the look. My question is, is it worth the money?
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note that it will be out of warranty. Not sure if westone will service it free or for a price, but don't count on it.
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When my UM2 hit three years old the right channel became very faint. I'm sure they can be fixed but who knows how much it will cost.
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Thank u for the inputs. Now I would seriously look at other new or like-new IEMs within my price range(~$150). I already have RE2 but want better sound. I mainly listen to Rock, rap and raggae. After hours of reading in the forum, I narrow my choices down to super fi, Monster Turbine, ER4 and atrio.
Super fi is not very comfortable; ER4 colors sound too much(not natural); Monster Turbine is not good a upgrade coming from RE2... FWIR
Any suggestions?
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I have, and still use, a five year old pair. I've beat them up and have had them recabled once (due to the "greening" they clear cables used to get), and they still sound fine. I can't help you on the price, though. I haven't been paying attention to the used market.

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