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Any other kid head-fiers?

  1. limewmew
    I'm young (not specifying age because it sounds like I'm trying to impress adults). Anyway, I was wondering if there are any kids, around 14-16 that are interested in high quality audio. I currently do not have high quality products because I am a kid and don't have much money. I am receiving a pair of m50's and have HD 280 pro's. I play FLAC files (mainly Portishead) from my laptop through my Bravo Audio V2 amp with stock tube. Remember, this is by no means a bragging post. I don't see how it would be anyway, pretty shabby equipment...
  2. VXAce
    Hey man, not gonna specify my age either, but I'm sitting on a pair of K240 Studios and some other random stuff. Nice to see you have an amp already, since I'm still running on onboard, too poor to get anything more. But hey, have fun here. Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet. [​IMG]
  3. limewmew

    Haha, thanks man. I've heard good things about the K240's. For some reason, I really like reading about headphones even if I can't afford them. It's like looking at Nobu food on a Ramen budget.
  4. VXAce
    Same, but for me it's reading about DACs and Amps. God knows how many reviews and things I've read on all that stuff. 
    The K240 Studios (not to be confused with the Monitors) are pretty decent headphones, pretty heavy bass,  semi-open, really good for dubstep and hardcore, but they are extremely sibilant. Some of the songs I listen to, a majority of them, make that sibilance pop out. Not a bad thing to me, but some people don't like it.They also don't hold to tubes very well, like the Schiit Vali.
  5. Head Injury
    Good man. Best group. Trip-hop seems so underappreciated these days.
    I'm not a kid. I just felt like complimenting your taste in music. Carry on.
  6. limewmew

    Thanks. My friends in my age group seem to be getting better taste. I hate when people complain about kids listening to crap music. Most do, but my friends turned me on to Com Truise and various ska bands.
  7. flerpt
    Well as with everyone else, not gonna reveal my age. I'm on a pair of modded srh440s through an Audioengine D1 DAC and a little dot I+ amp. I am hoping to upgrade to He-400's or something similarly priced around the holiday season.
  8. VXAce
    Don't go after price, go after sound. [​IMG] 
  9. Mach Supremacy
    I'm 17 (what will anyone do with my age? Lol). Right now I just listen to my senn's and v-modas with a fiio amp. Can't afford much as but ya I'm kind of over the "it has to have the highest fidelity" because it was kind of messing with my listening experience. But I won't listen to anything less sound quality wise but I'm pretty happy with I have playing 320kbps+ audio(I can't perceive any difference between that and 700+kbps audio so I don't bother) so ya. Glad you're here.
  10. purpledrank
    I'm 16 and I own Japanese Audio-Technica Solid Bass IEMs. I own very few ALAC tracks but most of my music is 320 kbps anyways. I got Dark Side of the Moon and MGMT's Time to Pretend EP on  ALAC. I will be getting Illmatic XX by Nas on CD soon which I will rip to ALAC as well. I am saving money for a bluetooth speaker and then ill get Koss Portapros. They look like a fun bass on ear pair of cans that I would use at home.
  11. Boffy
    17 year old spoiled brat here. I own one portable setup and one home setup. Sony MDR 1R and InEar StageDiver 2 paired with Sony NWZ F806. Home setup is AKG K701 paired with Hifiman EF2A Amp/DAC. When I get a college acceptance letter, I will be leeching my parents for some more :3
  12. Gamingmusiclove
    Well, i'm not gonna reveal my ave either, but what i do most is reading about stuff i wont be buying until i live for myself, though i have to admit i have a really good amount of money, but i have been taught to not spend all of my money, and take care of it, yet i sometimes like to buy a pair of cans. Maybe in a close future i will get some fiio amp, but it's a huge maybe. Music taste (i see everyone saying it, so why not?) is mainly IDM, pschyc rock and hip hop
  13. TripBitShooter
    Im 14 years old here. and proud of my FiiO X5 with a FiiO E12 driving my ATH-M50x, PSB M4U1, Nad Viso HP50, and possibly a new Sennheiser Urbanite XL im thinking of ordering. [​IMG]
  14. MrTechAgent
    Yeah , I'm 17
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  15. lin0003
    Nice! Great setup!
    Not going to specify how old I am, but yeah, I'm in here as well. 
    NAD M51, Violectric V200 and Sennheiser HD800 for me. 

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