Any meets in the NW GA or South Tennessee area?

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  1. bigshoe83
    looking for meets around the North Georgia or South Tennessee area to meet like minded people and try out new gear.
  2. Àedhàn Cassiel
    I'm looking for this, too! I have a modified pair of HD800's (anaxilus, SDR) and I've only ever heard them out of a Magni so I'd really love to know what they sound like out of different amps. I'd particularly love to hear a tube amp or few for the first time.
  3. bigshoe83
    What part of GA are you in?
  4. Àedhàn Cassiel
    I'm in Ellijay.
  5. bigshoe83
    I’m in the Dalton area, not too far away.
  6. tomb
    Seems there are several of us interested in a GA meet lately. I'm hoping one of these threads will get noticed by someone with access to a facility. There are a few people in Atlanta who might - hint, hint. Although, I could go for something in N. GA or Chattanooga if it got organized. :)
  7. kilkil
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