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Any interest in doing a local head-fi small gathering in SF?

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  1. pure5152
    It looks like the OP of this thread hasn’t had any activity on the forums since October 2018, so it’s looking unlikely they’ll be coordinating this.

    Would anyone else be down to help coordinate this? Unfortunately I live in a pretty small apartment currently, so can’t provide my place as a venue :frowning2:
  2. Pingupenguins
    We could find a rent out a library space (free and definitely has outlets for amps etc. I know some of the libraries in my area (Walnut Creek) are nice, but not familiar with the options in the city.
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  3. pure5152
    Renting a library seems like a good idea, a lot of other meets seem to do that.

    Here's a way-out there idea. Sennheiser has a store in the US in San Francisco - maybe we can try to work out something and get a meet/venue going there? It would be a double win, as I'm sure people would love to try sennheiser gear like the hd820 or hd800s with other people's gear etc. Again it's just a wacky idea.

    Maybe @Sennheiser can respond here if this is a possibility? Sennheiser has expressed interest in being more involved with the head-fi community in the past.
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  4. Pingupenguins
    I'm actually really guilty of never walking into that store. :o2smile:
    I'd definitely be open to meet ya'll at the store and have a poke around.
  5. pure5152
    So I actually just called the sennheiser store point-blank, and surprisingly the store people knew about head-fi very well, and weren't against helping coordinate a meet. They referred me to their event coordinator, and I just sent an email out to them.

    Crossing my fingers :fingers_crossed: @Sennheiser if you see this let us know if this is a possibility.

    At the same time, if anyone else has any other ideas, that'd be great! Maybe if someone has a house or something close to BART.
  6. Zachik
    Last "official" SF meet took place in Aug. 2017
    I believe @third_eye either organized or was very involved with coordinating this meet... (he was there, and brought some goodies with him for sure!) It was at the DoubleTree SFO, which worked great since we did not have to drive into San Francisco and fight the traffic.

    Some vendors have local people (e.g. Mike from Woo Audio), while others may fly in or send some equipment to be used as loaners (I can help coordinate with couple of them once we have date and location firmed up).
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  7. Alcophone
    Nice! I wouldn't mind continuing my tradition of entering that store and not buying anything. :darthsmile:

    Though I wouldn't say no to a pair of HD660S for $300.
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  8. Zachik
    How big is the store, and will they be OK with competing equipment being auditioned??
  9. pure5152
    The store is pretty large actually, you can see a video of it here (not my video):

    But yeah, you bring up a good point about "competing equipment" - not sure how they'd jive with that. But never hurts to ask right? Just wanted to come up with something to get this rolling :)
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  10. Pingupenguins
    Wow this place looks amazing! Looking forward to it! I can definitely bring stuff by to test as well.
  11. tholt
    Hopefully SOMETHING happens here. Seems like enough interest to make it happen.

    Sort of related -- are there any industry headphone/audio shows besides California Audio show in the Bay Area? Seems like outside of some audio stores in the city, we're in the dark?
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  12. pure5152
    I have a call with a sennheiser event coordinator on Tuesday to try and make something happen. Wish me luck :)
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  13. tholt
    Yes! GOOD LUCK! :fingers_crossed::clap:
  14. Pingupenguins
    We should be getting a gear list up soon! :gs1000smile:
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  15. pure5152
    Okay guys, quick update. Just got off the phone with the SF sennheiser event coordinator, and looks like they're interested in helping us organizing something. No concrete plans yet, but we're shooting for an event sometime in March 2019. If we get enough interest in the bay area, and maybe find some other vendors interested, we could try and make this a larger event. The coordinator is speaking with the sennheiser store, and I'll update when I have any more info.

    Again, no concrete plans, but this is starting to look interesting! :)
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