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Any interest in doing a local head-fi small gathering in SF?

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  1. bluesaint
    Anyone with a stax 009/009s near fremont/union city area that I can audition on my full IFI PRO stack setup? You can bring your music and listen to my Jade II eStat setup as well. I need to make a decision if i want to chase 009S or shangri-la JR.
  2. Zachik
    So, you're considering upgrading from Jade II to STAX 009/009s or Shangri-la Jr. ?
  3. bluesaint
    I'm loving the J2 so much that I'm finding it to be end game level in my setup. So cant help but wonder if I'm just scratching the surface giving the entry level price and therefore want to hear if shangrila jr or 009s is any better or hfm is just lazy and constructed jade2 and shangri-la sr the same! Minus the amps off course.
  4. Zachik
    looking at your setup (at signature) - do you use the Jade II headphone only, or with the HiFiMAN amp? (the iESL makes me suspect you got the cans only...)
  5. stevenator
    I have a Stax SR-009 headphones and Stax S-007mkI headphones. I'm in Oakland and would be willing to bring at least one pair to a meet or possibly make other arrangements.
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  6. tholt
    Cool. Fellow Stax guy here as well. Would absolutely love to hear the 009 (and 009S) if possible. I own the 007mk2. Hopefully a meet happens!
  7. Zachik
    Someone earlier in the thread was trying to setup a meet at Sennheiser store in SF.
    In any case, "hoping" a meet would happen is not enough - someone needs to take the initiatives and run with it. I will be able and happy to help, but have no time to lead the effort. Sorry.
    @tholt - this by no means is criticism of you. Just used your post as opportunity to hopefully get someone take the lead. Again, I can and will help whoever takes the helms!
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  8. tholt
    Agreed. It seemed like some traction was being made for perhaps convening at the Senn store. Any news on that front?
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  9. pure5152

    It looks like sennheiser will be able to offer their store space for a head-fi meetup on March 30th! I’ll take the lead on organizing/making this happen, and will get a formal gear list/rsvp thread up soon later tonight, as well as start reaching out to other vendors. Let me know what vendors you'd like to see, and I'll see what I can do. (If you have connections with vendors or are a vendor, please reach out to me ASAP via PM.)

    Apologies for the late response - it took a while to get the confirmation on senn’s end (sennheiser literally confirmed a few minutes ago). But it looks like this is really happening :gs1000smile:

    @Zachik would you still be able to reach out to your vendor connections (zmf, etc)?
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
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  10. tholt
    ^ Awesome news! Thanks in advance for making this happen!
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  11. Alcophone
    Schiit would be cool, I'm curious about the Ragnarok 2 :)
  12. pure5152
    Okay a little small update, looks like sennheiser still needs to work out some extra details/discuss some specifics, so I’ll hold off on creating the post for now. But looks like it’ll still be March 30th at any rate
  13. Zachik
    Once the date if officially confirmed, and Sennheiser is cool with competition (like ZMF) being displayed - sure!
    @zach915m Zach already posted earlier in the thread that he would consider attending in person, schedule permitting...
  14. Zachik
    Any update? Is the date confirmed??
    Mar. 30 is only 4 weeks away... Need to start get things moving very soon if we hope to get some good stuff loaned to us!
  15. pure5152
    Sorry, so when sennheiser got back to me, they mentioned something about not wanting any “direct competing products” to be there. This obviously goes against what a head-fi meet is, so I asked them if they could reconsider. They haven’t gotten back to me for a few days, so I’m going to wait a few more and maybe send them another email later this week. It’s pretty disappointing actually - hoping they change their mind, but we may have to start considering other venue options (like a library)
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