Any DAP with faultless Qobuz performance? (Downloads & Streaming?)
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Apr 11, 2015
I tossed my FiiO M9 out for Qobuz performance issues. Now I am reading here M11 struggles with Qobuz

I am tired of my Hiby R6 Pro Qobuz issues.

I would like to hear from someone running Qobuz on a DAP that doesn't have issues.

Does one exist?

Getting desperate here

Who here has Qobuz streaming AND hi-res downloads running OK?

Thanks in advance.
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I feel you. Gave up on my Fiio X7 to upgrade to X7 Mark II. And I hvae problems. Ok let's rather say that Quobuz works fine with X7 Mark II, but now I have wifi issue. The Wifi disconnect randomly (from any access point anywhere) and takes up to 2 minutes to reconnect. Totally useless for streaming. Very annoying.

Looking at the title of your post, I hoped to find also an answer.... but... Seems we are few, looking for Qobuz on the air on the road.
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Actually I settled on a Sony 507 DAP

It works great with Qobuz.

Ans can sit in a shirt pocket.

But battery life is not so great.
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Just received the A&K SP1000M ... with new ER-4XR. Replacing the FiiO X7 Mark II and my ER4-SR... And .... I'm blow minded !

The difference between ER4-SR and ER4-XR I already knew. Rounder, warmer, bit more basses. I like both to be honest. I like the analytic sound of the SR, and for some occasion also the rounder sound or XR.

However I am totally overwhelmed by the sound of the SP1000M. It's true it's a bit more expensive. But considering I had the X7 with the AM3A, and I gave up because of perf issue to get the X7 Mark II, this ended up way more expensive. I'm very glad I have now the SP1000M. I've often thought the X7 had a messy sound when there's a lot to playback like large chores. Comparing side by side, I have no doubt anymore. Seriously guys: X7 SUCKS !!! My god ! I've already restrained myself of thinking that, blaming the source when I could. But now... I have to face it.

As a side note, I bought the ER4-XR-BT as I already have the cables with the SR. I have now installed the SR on the BT module. And this one as well is mind blowing with my Moto Z2 in apt-x.

I'm an happy nomade listener tonight ! So happy I could cry....

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