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Andromeda vs Xelento

  1. Jettsom
    Hi fellow Headfiers, I need your help.

    I have the opportunity to buy the Campfire audio Andromeda for a good price and would like to know how much are they better than my Beyer Xelento’s at the moment. Will I gain anything? I listen mostly rock, metal, EDM. Thanks!
  2. money4me247 Contributor
    @Jettsom ,

    I have both IEMs, they sound different enough that a causal non-audiophile listener can tell in direct side-by-side comparisons. Biggest sound signature differences is that the Campfire Andromeda is not as bassy as the Xelento and has a sharper treble. The Andromeda's overall tuning is very highly praised by many audiophile reviewers and it is considered as a gold-standard/reference point much like how the UERM was previously a common comparison point for IEMs or the HD800 was a benchmark for flagship over-ears. Things to be aware of regarding the Andromeda is that 1) it is quite sensitive and may hiss 2) its sound signature will change based on the output impedance of your playback device/amp 3) fit may be an issue

    there is also a new model by Campfire called the solaris which is driving andromeda prices down right now.

    Regarding detailed xelento vs andromeda impressions, I wrote a detailed comparison here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/beyerdynamic-xelento.827372/page-51#post-14008255.

    Hope this is helpful.
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  3. Jettsom
    Thanks a lot! It was really helpful. Seems that they each have their own advantage. It’s true that bass and subbass on Xelento is really great, comfort too. Might keep them then but I really want too ear the Andromeda once and for all. I ear so much praise about them.
  4. BananaOoyoo
    With the Andromeda, one advantage is that you can probably sell it later at a minimal loss given its popularity. (I don't think it's actually dropped by much since the Solaris release.)

    I'd say the DD bass on the Xelento is better for EDM however.
  5. Kitechaser
    Xelento all day everyday
    BA's in general are overrated
  6. BananaOoyoo
    Personally, I'd take BA over dynamic every day, but I think that's obvious from my signature.
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  7. Kitechaser
    I like weight to my music, and coherancy is big. BA to my ears sound fake.
    But to each his own :)
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  8. jay567
    Andros are great. To me when I used to audition loads of CIEMs, as previously mentioned they really are easy to set as the reference/benchmark. Likeable sound even as BAs from my memory. As for dynamic sounds, I really love my FX850 modded/EQed and for me easily better than Xelentos but each to their own.
  9. Jettsom
    I’ve take the plunge and bought the Andromeda. I must ear them once and for all! I expect to like them better than the Xelento’s but who knows. To each his own.. Xelento are really special to me, easily one of the best DD on the market.
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  10. Shma
    Which, Jettsom, did you eventually wind up preferring over the other?
  11. Jettsom
    I kept the Andromeda, for me it’s no contest. The sounds is just perfect across all frequencies. Xelento’s sub-bass is killing it, way to present. Andromeda’s are less congested and build quality is 200% better (not plasticky!)
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  12. Chessblitzer2017
    Yeah but the xelento has the best ergonomics in the game, complete opposite can be said for Andro, even worse then the R1. That's why I stayed with the Xelento over Andro.
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  13. duaned
    And the andromeda sub-bass is almost non-existant!
  14. Chessblitzer2017
    Very true sir. If the Andromeda had the fit and quantity bass the Xelento encompasses = End Game for this guy.
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