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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. exdmd
    There aren't any direct comparisons of the Kenzie or Kenzie Encore to ZDS to be found. However the Eddie Current Aficionado (step up from Zana Deux S) and Mogwai SE have been favorably compared. Hope this helps.
  2. exdmd
    I think I have tried almost every input tube extant on my Kenzie. It is hard to find good 2C52s; I bought three and of the batch one was bad and the other two were no better than stock. After a few months of rolling I am using a 1963 Telefunken ECC801S (adaptor necessary) with Tung Sol 1626s. This tube combo provides the best sound to my ears from the Kenzie using either my HD800S on 300 Ohm tap or Elears on 32 Ohm.

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  3. 55Powers
    Hi y'all.

    What do the upgrade options on a Mogwai acctutally translate to for the listening experience?
    What upgrades would be the most important?

    1 - Coupling cap upgrade
    2 - Input transformers
    3 - Split RCA input transformer
  4. exdmd
    If you decide to buy a Mogwai you should really consider a fully optioned Mogwai SE. The Special Edition has two sets of inputs only one has transformers. Not on the website yet just call Justin at Amps and Sound discuss your needs.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  5. dunkyboy
    Agreed, though with all options, the Mogwai SE tops out at (I think??) $2900..!! I got the SE with uprated caps but without input transformers, so slightly less eye-watering but still excellent.

  6. exdmd
    You only live once may as well go full tilt. I think you got the price right. I bought a base Kenzie and added the input transformers as an outboard box they are worth the money. When I bought my amp last year Mogwai SE was not even available yet. I know one member who likes his fully optioned Mogwai SE as much as his EC Aficionado. That is pretty good company.
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  7. omniweltall
    What difference to your base Kenzie did you notice with that input transformer? Is it a big difference?
  8. bearwarrior
    Are you sure about 12AU7 installed on Kenzie? I remembered that Justin told me not to do that. The amplification factor is just much larger than 12AX7 and 12AT7.
  9. 55Powers
    Oh, would not mind going full tilt as a concept, but I tink it would be sloppy not to inquire on the specifics of the benefits of the last 1000 dollars.
  10. exdmd
    Justin recommended the ECC801S on another forum. BTW ECC801S is 12AT7 not 12AU7. The only problem is price. You want a 1960's Telefunken Diamond Bottom. The tubes from the 1980's are inferior. 12AT7/12AU7/12AX7 all share same pin out.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  11. ampsandsound
    Some of my Favs for the high value purchaser.
    Raython 5755 with adapters are an amazing tube and cheap... They are JAN.
    Old Dynaco 12AX7s that are Teles are prob the best 12AX7 variant you can get. I still perfer the sonics of 12SL7s but they do take 2-3 tries at the apple before finding a gem. At $5-$10 each thats still more than acceptable. That said, its not a guarantee... lots of trial to find the true gem.
    Re the Kenzie and Encores... we are trying a bit of tube rolling and should have a report back in the next 14days... generally speaking new power tube to roll, 2x the power and same great sonics.
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  12. omniweltall
    What abt the mogwai? What tubes do you think would best fit? Im currently using Sophia Electric KT88 and 6SL7.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  13. ZenErik
    Looking forward to the tube rolling results. Definitely interested in trying a few recommended options in the future.

    That said, while not all important to the sound, the 12SL7 looks so nice with the Encore compared to the other options mentioned so far. The shape and base of the tube fit the overall look of the amp + 1626 output tubes so well.
  14. joespride
    Just dropped in a new (ish) DAC Electrocompanient ECD-1 with Kenzie improved, sporting 1943 hytron military, and NOS 50's era amperex bugle boy with adapter. Sound is pretty amazing. Hard to imagine the sound getting better. I have a triplet of the Tung-sol 1626 what should I expect to improve with them in place ?
  15. exdmd
    I have both the Hytron and Tung Sol 1626. Hang on to those Tung Sols getting very hard to source. If there will be an alternate drop in power tube to the 1626 for the Kenzie that would be amazing. Matched Tung Sol 1626 have more bass and larger soundstage than Hytron to my ears. Better overall tube but like all tubes differences between batches.
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