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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. ZenErik
    Going to give the Raytheon 2C52 a go with my Encore. Should have it on Saturday. Not really sure if I’ll like it more than the stock 12SL7 based on what I’ve read, but it was pretty cheap. I should get a few adapters sometime to increase the options.

    I’ve also been looking at these Tung Sol 12SL7GTs with black glass. Anyone have any personal experience with them? Wonder if they’d be worth the money.

    Edit: also picked up a RCA JAN 12SL7GT from 1949. Tube rolling is dangerous.

    I ordered a 2nd set of tubes when I got my Encore from Justin and just finally opened the second set of tubes. Hytron 1626 instead of Tung Sol. And National 12SL7 instead of a WU 12SL7. I'm not actually sure what WU stands for, but it's a neat logo.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  2. exdmd
    I will have a review of the Tung Sol black glass 12SL7GT next week. Tung Sol 1626s are very hard to source now. I have the pair in my Kenzie and a spare pair. Have not seen any for sale for months.
  3. ampsandsound
    The 2C52 is pretty rare tube and sounds amazing.
    Its one of a very few with a mu above 70. The 2C52 is beloved to have a Mu of 100 or close to... so it behaves like a 12AX7... moving the sound stage a bit forward.
    I normally love the relaxed non fatiguing sound of most 12SL7s but the 2C52 is special.
    Among adapters... 5755 to 12SL7 and 12AX7 to 12SL7 are both worth owning.
    5751, 5755 and 12AT7 are a great pairings... each needing an adapter.
  4. ZenErik
    Suddenly I have 5 pairs of 1626, 4 12SL7, and 1 2C52. Only going to get worse if I buy a few adapters. Tubes were a mistake... No wonder solid state exists.

    At least for now my stash will easily fit in the box the Encore came in.
  5. exdmd
    @ZenErik you can always sell your extra tubes on the market. Never hurts to have spares! Better to keep as an investment or for trading. IMO you aren't going to find a SS amp that sounds as good as your Encore unless Eddie Current maybe makes another run of the Black Widow SS amp which may or may not happen. Black Widows that show up on the used market sell same day. Heck the few I have seen up for sale lately are gone within an hour or so.
  6. ZenErik
    Oh yea. I've got no plans on switching to solid state or buying any other amps for a long time. I am very happy with the Encore and not looking to continue the never ending journey of buying and selling gear. That said I'm sure eventually Justin will come along with a new model and tempt me.

    I mainly got these tubes because they're fairly cheap. I'd like to see if there any I like a little better than others. I think whatever I like is going to be good for at least 2-3 years so the investment isn't too bad. Realistically I'm not expecting much variation on the output tubes. I have a feeling the Tung Sols I have now will be similar to the RCAs I have on the way? Could be wrong. The Hytron 1626s ended up being bad. Or at least one of them is. One of them seems so microphonic that there's always a hum from it. The other one seems okay. Because of that I'm glad I'm getting a few more 1626s. I want to be ready to go if/when whatever my main pair is starts going bad.

    Both my 12SL7s seem fine. Just decided to try a RCA 12SL7 because it seemed to be well liked. Also got one labeled Dumont with coated glass because it was cheap in the same order with the RCA 1626 quad matched set.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  7. joespride
    Only 5 pairs, Babe in the woods :ksc75smile: I have 5 pair of hytrons alone (I have not found a problem with hum using them ( I dont have Encore) , I could play test a pair send your way for testing on your amp), The rca has an almost identical build with the tung sol, I also dont hear a lot of difference on output tubes. I wish I had all the tubes I sent Justins way :triportsad: after I sold my original version of Kenzie. He is a good guy though
  8. bearwarrior
    May I ask what you mean by Kenzie improved in your gear list?
  9. joespride
    Current Kenzie with the upgraded caps version
  10. bearwarrior
    I see. Thanks!
  11. ZenErik
    I don't think I want to build a collection as large as yours probably is. :o2smile:

    If you want to send a pair of Hytrons for testing that'd be cool, but I'm fairly certain it's just one of the tubes being extra microphonic. If I tap the table the amp is on it would sometimes ring forever if I didn't give the particular tube causing the issue a tap.
  12. joespride
    I had Justins first Kenzie for a test and ended up buying it after his SE84, I went tube crazy and had something like 20 pairs of hytrons and 18 of the NOS raytheon military 2c52 I was getting a life time supply. Life issues forced me to sell the amp and I sent Justin the majority of the tubes. I was recently able to get Kenzie again and now I have about 10 pairs total, hytron, rca, tungsol, None of the military 2c52 (those are dam hard to get now I was only paying 10.00 each 4-5 years ago)...................Like all tubes they get scarce and the price goes through the roof. I occasionally scan ebay for tubes but have not bought any for a long time, these adapters may force my hand I really like the sound of my amperex 12ax7 with adapter. Those will be what I keep an eye out for mostly the 12ax7 vintage
  13. ZenErik
    I went a bit tube crazy yesterday and today, but now it's time to relearn self control. Got 3 more 12SL7s since my last post. Bringing the total to 7. The Raytheon 2C52 I ordered said mil-spec on the listing, but I'm not sure if that means they're the military ones you are referring to. I assume they are. Cost me double the price you said they used to go for but still not too bad.

    I'm more so looking for a few tubes I find a little more 'special' than others rather than stocking enough for a lifetime or two, but I'm certainly happy to have a few spares as I'm not planning on swapping amps any time soon.

    I did go back and read the entire thread and saw the SE84. Looks like a cool amp. Too bad it's no longer offered.
  14. Astral Abyss
    I think the SE84 and Leeloo are the (mostly) same amp.
  15. exdmd
    I am sure there is variation between lots of tubes but the Tung Sol 1626 I am using now have better SQ than any matched pair of RCA 1626 I have. I am curious to hear the Tung Sol black glass 12SL7GT next week. First time I would have all Tung Sol brand tubes in the Kenzie. I am very pleased with the Telefunken ECC801S I am using now so that Tung Sol 12SL7GT would have to sound exceptional to better it. And it is true, buy a tube amp you wind up with a collection of tubes:)
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