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* Amping Vibes & 555's...it rhymes!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lukealexander, Jan 15, 2007.
  1. lukealexander
    Okay, I posted this elsewhere but I am pressed for time.
    I have Vibe's coming, and use HD555's from my laptop's integrated sound and want to know if upgrading to a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro (TBAAM) or M-Audio Transit would be of benefit to these headphones.

    I read these are both DACs, and most people team them with amps... but I only want (and can afford [​IMG] ) just the one thing for now. Is that acceptable? Which of the two (if prices were equal) would be the best solution?

    I only need analogue out, no other fancy bits required [​IMG]

    Sorry for "spamming" the forum, but I only have an hour to decide!

    Regards, Luke
  2. lukealexander
    I lost the auction [​IMG]
  3. facelvega
    the cheapest definite step up from most onboard soundcards would be a generic USB thumb-size sound controller (in effect, a cheaper TBAAM) You can usually grab one of these for under $10 shipped, and in my experience even the best stock laptop sound is still a notch under such a device. Plus at ten bucks it's not tying up too much capital for the inevitable later upgrade.
  4. lukealexander

    inevitable later upgrade.

    Ain't that the truth... I'm now looking at a Phillips Aurilium also.
  5. warMen
    Check out the Silverstone Eb01... it's around $80.

    I have the M-audio transit. I got one from the for sale forum here for $55... sounds great and works great, it's a good deal.

    I also do some music production and recording. While the transit is minimal as far as that goes, it works great for what I need. My old sound card just wasn't up to par. It also gives a good line signal to the amp so the amp will work better.
  6. lukealexander
    Here in the UK, everything is expensive or less available. I almost got the Transit for $70 but was outbid in the last few seconds - it is $120 retail here which is double my budget.

    If I could get the Aurilium for $60, I would take it - let me see whether to bid in the next couple of hours or just get a generic C-Media dongle from eBay for $10

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