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Amp for Sennheiser HD650 and Grado SR80i

  1. ohcrapgorillas
    I can't freaking decide on an amp for these guys! Please help!
    Here are my requirements:
    * I've read the HD650 is very responsive to different amps. I want an amp that will not let me down with these guys!
    * I want it to be able to drive my Grados, too. So that eliminates Bottlehead Crack, I believe...
    * Tube pre-outputs are a plus.
    * Under $350.
    EDIT: My DACs are Modi and an Aune T1 (on the way). I would just use the Aune to power the HD650 but I want an amp that powers both headphones, and I've heard the Aune is no a no-go for Grados.
    Any suggestions? My current contenders are Asgard 2 and Project Sunrise II (BATTLE OF THE SEQUELS!) But would Project Ember work as well?
    Thanks for your suggestions. Cheers and happy listening!
  2. Chris_Himself
    Asgard II. It only does everything.

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