Amp damage?
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Apr 7, 2009
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I just have a *very* quick question about the limits of my headphone amp.

I'm currently burning in a pair of hd650's I received today through my Corda Arietta. I was simply curious as to how long one can go without potentially causing permanent damage to an amp while playing music at a relatively high volume, and how hot it *shouldn't* get if it has indeed been running for too long. I assumed something in the range of 24hours would merit an hour of rest, but this is only an assumption.

If anybody can answer these questions definitively I'd be extremely grateful!

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You should probably ask Dr. Meier what he thinks. However, it is a good idea to let your amp cool off until it reaches room temperature.

And not to ignite the debate, but you really don't have to burn in your headphones. I listened to my HD-650 from the minute I unpacked them and enjoyed them the entire time. As far as I know, the HD-650s suffered no ill effects from lack of formal burn in. Quite a few people listened to them at CanJam. No one said that they sounded off or bad.
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Ah, thank you for the suggestion Uncle Erik... that's quite possibly the only way I'll get a *precise* answer to my questions.

And I agree with you in that they sound fantastic out of the box, but I'm borrowing them new from a friend for a few weeks while he's away, so I'm curious as to how they might sound when "properly burned in". He also asked if I could get the burn-in process out the way for him, and I said yes =P.

And in igniting "the debate", I'd like to add that I generally believe in burn-in, as I was able to A/B a pair of completely new and well used HD600's. The difference was quite noticeable.

On a side note, they sound completely stellar out-of-the-box ^_^.
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Well, because it is SS and presumably has good parts you shouldn't worry in a short term. If you plan to keep that amplifier for some years (till it lasts) and want it to last, then turn it off when you are not using it (plus saving money on electricity bill). It might make it last a few years more.

Enjoy your amp!

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