Alps blue velvet from VT4C?
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Sep 26, 2005
I'm thinking of buying some stuff from I noticed they sell what looks like alps blue velvet, they are so cheap I think I will have a few of those as well. They call it VR-27 (I thought it was meant to be RK27), does it look like a genuine alps pot to you guys? Anyone bought any from there or know of a good, cheap source for Alps pots?
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I've gotten them from there before. They look exactly the same as the ones I've gotten from PartsConnexion. I actually had the one from PartsConnexion break on me and when I took it apart, it looked just like the one I opened up from VT4C to make sure it's real. $8 is not too bad to pay for breaking one when you buy 10 pots.

EDIT: It's called VR27 there because it stands for "Variable Resistor".
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thanks, FallenAngel. sorry to hear you had to sacrifice one of your blue velvets
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I have not bought pots from them but the silver wire they sell and the RCA interconnects are very nice. Just be prepared to wait about 10 days or so , at least for me in NY. Also the ordering process is a bit tedious. If you look on the tweaks and pointers page he has a killer 8way braid

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