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AKG Q701 Headband Upgrade

  1. InsanityOne
    Hey everyone! So I've been listening to my Q701's for a short time now... (200+ hours) and I am just frustrated by the bumps on the headband. I can wear them for three to four hour sessions max and then the pain becomes unbearable! (It is only the top/center bump that pains me) I love these headphones dearly, and the only thing that is stopping me from buying a moon audio black dragon for them is the fact that the headband pains me! So I ran across this the other day and was wondering if anyone thought I could fashion it to work over the Q701's bumpy leather headband?
    LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Headband-Cushion-Comfort-pad-fit-BEYERDYNAMIC-DT770-DT880-DT990-PRO-Headphones-/200806723604?pt=US_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item2ec1037014
    So what do you all think? Any suggestions/opinions? [​IMG] 
  2. jaja

    Just for you I took off the headband on my dt880 and used it with my q701.  It can kinda sorta wrap around the akg's headband and stay put using the outer buttons.  Its not gonna wrap around however.  It might not look the best on top because of this.  Also it might not work with a big head since its so thick requiring the headband to be pushed into its top position.  It had a tendency to be pushed a bit above my ears when in use.
  3. InsanityOne
    Wow thanks for that! I guess you're right, it doesn't appear to work that well... In that case, do you have any other suggestions? I already searched all over for replacement headbands from other AKG headphones (K501, K601, K612, K702 Annie., K712 Etc.) because none of them have bumps but I couldn't find any! Also, do you have any comfort issues with your Q701's? Thanks again!
  4. CloudMoose
  5. InsanityOne
    Just checked out all those links, thanks! I am thinking about just buying some more foam and another piece of black leather and just sewing a new pad onto the bottom of the headband. I'll either place more foam in-between the bumps or I'll cut them out with an Exacto knife and replace it with a larger, single piece of foam. I just want it to look professional though as to not ruin the stunning looks of the Q701. I would prefer it looks like an improvement vs. a mod. [​IMG]
  6. grit45
    I respect what you did here, but I just got a headphone headband pad :

    Bansaku likes this.
  7. TheClue1107
    Can you just turn the headband around? (This is probably a dumb question lol)
  8. Bansaku

    Awesome! I was about to order a flat replacement pad but this looks like a more ideal option!

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