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AKG K430 Detachable cable mod [Need advice]

  1. Grorbabrag
    so I'm thinking about modding my AKG K430 headphones, as they are a faithful companion throughout my everyday life, however I'd lke to add some functionality.
    However I need some parts, but as I am quite new to this I'd like to ask for some help in finding them and recieving the best possibly price for them.
    What I need is:
    1. a good, sturdy but still flexible cable that isn't too heavy but still can stand a beating (keep in mind, these headphones are to be used on the move and therefore should be as light and durable as possible)
    2. a straight 3.5mm male contact, preferably neutrik as they are reliable from my previous experience, however any brand will do as long as it is durable
    3. an angled 3.5mm male contact, again preferably neutrik however any brand will do as long as it is durable, this is what I have so far: http://www.kjell.com/sortiment/ljud-bild/kablar-adaptrar/3-5-mm/kontakter/neutrik-ntp3rcb-p67289 (sorry for the swedish site :D, hope you can manage)
    4. a 3.5mm socket that fits into the K430's earcup, I still have to measure it but something small is of advantage, preferably something that is secured from the outside without the need of glue
    I greatly appreciate any help in finding fitting parts. One more thing is that I'd prefer to buy all these parts from as few retailers/sellers as possible to reduce shipping costs. If possible, retailers within Sweden would be great, as this would make it easier for me to gather the parts and I know the appropriate laws binding swedish sellers, making it easier to claim a faulty product.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Grorbabrag
    BUMP, no one that has any ideas/ tips? I greatly appreciate any help :D

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