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Akg k240 or any for my music

  1. drym
    Hi guys, im new here and im need advice about open headphones.(sry for my english).
    Im listning difference music, a lot of rock, little bit metal, electronic and hip hop.
    I love to feel wide soundstage, details, little bassy, clear sound. Dont like sibilants.
    What will u recomended? I cant hear headphones before buying. A lot of used headphones at marketplace, like akg k240 mk2(or k240monitor 600omh), hd 555 or other what u would recomended.
    I've had superlux hd669 at past. They was nice.
    I have laptop and portable esi ugm96.
  2. drym
    and im have old russian amp, but sound with 40 omh headphones was ****, a lot of stock of volume, but sound quality was not good.
  3. Monsterzero
    What is your budget and will you get a new amp?
  4. drym
    my budget is 100$ on used headphones, i'll not buy amp now, maybe in future.
    Maybe u can understand spec on my poor amp, what i have now?
    output rated power: 2 × 50 W (with a load of 8 ohms);
    nominal frequency range with frequency response irregularity ± 0.7 dB: 20 ... 25 000 Hz;
    harmonic coefficient in the frequency range 40 ... 16 000 Hz: 0.1%;
    intermodulation distortion rate: 0.15%;
    crosstalk attenuation between channels in the range of 250-10000 Hz: 40 dB;
    signal-to-noise ratio versus rated output power for line-in: 86 dB;
    power consumption: 150 W;

    That is all what i can to find in web.
    Maybe this old amp for low omh headphones? with 40omh heaphones this was sound bad, but on sven sps 611 speakers sound was good
  5. Monsterzero
    It sounds like your amp is a speaker amp and youre using the headphone jack? If this is the case,most likely you want high ohm headphones,not low.
    $100.00 isnt much to work with.

    The AKG K240 sextetts are glorious for rock/metal,but not very good for electronica and hip/hop. Also theyre very power hungry so not sure if your amp can drive them properly.

    Perhaps a used Beyer DT990 250 or 600 ohm would work,but they can be bright in the treble area. Theyre also inferior to the sextetts for rock but better for the bass centric music you like.

    Another option is the Sennheiser HD250,which is a great all around headphone that does all genres very well,but they can be hard to find and Ive never seen one for 100.00. They also have a need for power similar to the sextetts.

    My reviews of the HD250s and sextetts.

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  6. drym
    Im dont know, i have connector on amp, the called "Phones".
    Oh, ok. I havent Sextett's in my marketplace, i cant buy from ebay.
    But i have dt990 pro's.
    Oh, maybe i'll waiting on sextett's. Tnx a lot for answers:)
    240k mk2 is bad?
  7. Monsterzero
    Sextetts are nearly fifty years old,so they can be hard to find. I suggest watching my videos and you can learn the differences between the various versions of the sextetts and other K240s.

    Your amp drives speakers,yes? If so,most modern speaker amps do not have great headphone op-amps,but usually they do better with high ohm headphones(250+) The K240 MK ll are 55 ohms,so most likely it wont be a good pairing with your amp.
  8. drym
    Oh. ok, I thought the opposite, for low omh, like 8 or 16.
    Ok, ill try the 250 or 600.
    U think, k240 Monitor 600omh is worse than DF or Sextet?
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  9. Monsterzero
    Yes. The Sextetts and DFs are the two best IMO. The DFs have less bass impact than the EP & MP versions of the sextetts. Seriously for rock and metal sextetts are my fav headphones.
  10. drym
    What is Monitor 600omh problem? They better than mk2?
    Im asking, cause i havent sextett and df at makretplace.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  11. Monsterzero
    I havent heard them,but you might try a Google comparing the two.
  12. drym
    im listening a lot of metal at last time, like Megadeth, Ozzy, or **** like Protest the Hero, Korn.

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