AKG K180 classics from 1970's
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Jan 12, 2006
Never seen or hear about them. Anybody? Kind of cool looking

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Bump from the dead.

I have a pair that my dad purchased new back in the day.

Akg k180 was designed in 1968 and feature metal ear cups with a very unique feature. The driver is mounted in a rubber baffle and a knob on the earcup can be turned to create more distance between the ear and the driver. This invention was called "SCS -Subjective Controlled Sound". The earcup is rammed with a dampening fabric and there is a possibility of tuning to get a "better" sound but they don't sound like there is much promise in doing so.
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Sorry I have nothing to contribute to this thread apart from the fact that they remind me of breasts.
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MASSSSSIVE! and would you get static shock from those metal cups?! hhe
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I'd sure love to have a pair of these. I can't find them anywhere. I've looked on eBay everyday for a month now, been checking every antique and junk/thrift store I can find I've told other people to keep an eye out for them eugh :frowning2:
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Somebody has really screwed me on that one on ebay. a fake account bid $100.00 when I was the highest bid of $11.50... I still won it but now I am somehow the winning with $102. I am not paying that. thanks stupid fella >____> 
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I didn't bid that much, I bid $12.50 and it came up $102.50 (I blame SPRINT the WORST carrier on earth). I don't have $102.50 so it was a screwed up situation. some other jerks bid a heck of a lot at the last minute for some reason. it really pissed me off. first time bidding on ebay, sure the same pair from the same seller was on last week and no one bid but as soon as I see them and bid someone else has too. funny huh? 

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