AKG-330 - Horrible sound on a newly purachased set
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Dec 13, 2010
Hi all.
I have recently purchased a new pair of AKG-330 IEMs for 50$.
Firstly hearing them i was deeply dissapointed by the poor quality sound which was mainly due to dull basses and over-sharp trebles.
After several listens i could sense a sharp 'spike' somewhere around mid-high freqs that would tear my ears on high pitched sounds.
Any modification i attempted using EQs didn't seem to solve that problem.
the sound is really bad comparing to the CX-300, for example.
the funny thing is that i read several reviews here which pointed out the AK330 to be better than the CX300 and couldn't understand how this is possible since mine sound really off-beat.
Should i 'burn' the headphones in order to get a better sound? if so, how is it done?
If not, any recommendation for a better quality IEMs would be greatly appreciated.
I am into sound quality and that is the most important thing for me.
I loved the sound of sennheiser so mabe a model from them? (I do not own them).
Thanks ahead.

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