ahd2000/hd650/sr335/k701? which for 1st cans
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Jan 16, 2008
these are what ive narrowed it down too for a first set

they all seem to be around £200 new, but ill want 2nd hand!

is there any others that i should consider for the same price

its metalcore/punk/alterntive/emo and a bit of classical for me

also any other suggestions?

EDT, i wont consider sony
i dont really know if i want open/closed either
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I've got the HD650's, so that's my vote right there! From what i've read, there have been a few build quality issues with the D2000's.
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The SR325 would probably be the best pick for your taste in music, but many dislike Grado headphones because of comfort issues.

Personally i'd go for the D2000, mainly because i've been spoilt for comfort with Audio-Technica's, and a Grado would torture me haha

The D2000 loose screw issue is easily fixed. If it comes loose, just take it out and put some loctite or similar on the threads and screw it back in.
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i dont have an amp at the moment but it is in the plan!

the grados look weird to me, look like they may be uncomfortable, but people say theyre good for rock

tmm, you got there first with the comfort!
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i'd add the HD600 to this list. I find it to be balanced sounding! Forgiving of source & recording.
The Grado RS1 is also a nice can. Detailed and airy. Partner with care though, they are revealing.
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Originally Posted by d-cee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
do you have an amp?

but based on your music choice alone i'd say the Grado (I guess you meant SR325 or SR225) they're a bit easier driven if you don't have an amp as well

edit: lol posted at the same minute

X2 you need to consider amps when you chosing the headphone .a very important part of the system. because some of them are not so easy to drive.
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Grado sound signature suits here, but you better also consider the SR325's more cultivated twin, the Alessandro MS2i. Better and cheaper.
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I have the sr325i which is supposedly somewhat different sounding from the original sr325. The 325i's are supposed to be less bright in relation to the
sr325 which is still too bright for some. For what you listen to though, 325i's are best.
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Without an amp, the K701 and HD650 are pretty much out. You need a decent amp for these.

However, since an amp is in the works, I'd suggest the HD650 for your music taste. With this reference standard as a baseline, stretch the wallet a bit for an amp that'll drive it. You can find decent ones for under $200. This combo should hold you for a while.

Later, as funds are available, begin the gradual climb to better after-market 650 cables, a DAC or better DAC/amp hybrid, etc.

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