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African & Afro-Caribbean / Jamaican vibes

Discussion in 'Music' started by ADUHF, Aug 7, 2018.
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  1. ADUHF
    This is for African, and Jamaican or any other Afro-Caribbean artists. And for any artists, in or out of the diaspora, who bring an African or Afro-Caribbean feel to their music, including UK (and other) grime artists.

    Post as much as you like, but please put each video or audio track in a separate post, to make thread navigation easier. And post only "official" content uploaded or authorized by the artists or their labels whenever possible. And try to keep the herbal references (which is not the point of this thread) to a "dull roar", as my old math teach used to say. Other guidelines may be added as they become necessary.
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  2. wuwhere Contributor
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  3. wuwhere Contributor
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  4. ADUHF
    Welcome aboard, wuwhere.

    Luv the oldies! Please bring more as you're able.
  5. ADUHF
    I ran across this recent track by Jamaican-American singer Amber Mark while searching for some disco tunes by the 1970's group Heatwave, and instantly fell in love with the video...

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  6. wuwhere Contributor
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  7. wuwhere Contributor
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  8. ADUHF
    More nice stuff, wuwhere. Not sure I can match the quality of what you're bringing. But I'll post what I got.
  9. ADUHF
    I've only scratched the surface of this genre (or genres, to be more accurate), so I'm still sort of finding my way through the weeds, so to speak. To make things easier, I'm just gonna go through artists I've been listening to in alphabetical order. The styles range from kizomba, a slow dance usually performed with a partner, to more up-tempo styles like South African house/kwaito, which is still pretty new to me,... and also more Jamaican sounding stuff from various sources. Since I'm goin by alphabet, I'll start with this guy, Adah Akenji. I like his track "Nanana". But the SQ on the video isn't too good. So postin this one instead.

    This is a topic I've been wantin to do for quite some time btw, because there's still so much talent in the genre that remains largely untapped, unheard, and unexposed outside of the culture. And hopefully we'll get to a fair amount of it.

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  10. ADUHF
  11. ADUHF
  12. ADUHF
    Anne-Marie & friends...

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  13. ADUHF
    Explicit language and gestures on the next two. Ard does some nice loops though.
  14. ADUHF
    This is grime btw. Audio is on the bright side.

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  15. ADUHF
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