Advise On New Headphones! Bose Quiet Comfort 15's Vs. ATH-M50's
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May 4, 2014
I am new to this forum and would like your guys opinion on something.
(Yes I already know your opinion on Bose)
I am looking for a pair of every day all around over ear listening headphones.
I was given a old pair of Bose QC2's from my friend. They are now heavily used and I need a new pair. (They were my main pair for a while.)
I have a budget of about $150.
The general consensus of the internet is that I should go for the ATH-M50's.
(I borrowed a pair of these from a friend and liked them too, but couldn't distinguish a huge difference in audio quality from the QC2's)
However I called Bose and they have an upgrade program where I can trade in my QC2's for QC15's. For only $150. (Which parts of the internet also says are great)
(Quiet Comfort 15's Retail for $300 Normally)
So my question is should I get the ATH-M50's Or the QC15's? They cost the same to me.Or is there a different over ear headphone I should know about?
(Audio Quality is the priority)
Thanks for all your help in advance!
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Jul 16, 2012
Those are 2 totally different headphones. The M50's main focus is on producing a relatively balanced frequency response and is a studio-oriented headphone, although the new M50x is certainly made with portable usage in mind with the addition of removable cables, including a 4 foot straight cable. The QC15 delivers unparalleled noise cancellation, with sound quality being bested by many closed, over-ear headphones, even for $150. That said, when I listened to them, I found the sound quality decent enough, though not as good as the M50. The question is then, how much do you really need noise cancellation?
Also, check out the AKG K545. A little over your budget ($190 from last time I checked), but so far I love them. The sound quality is a noticeable improvement over the M50, and they're far more comfortable and block out sound a little better too.
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May 18, 2011
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If sound quality is your concern: M50, for noise cancellation QC15. 

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