Advice on Wharfedale Diamond 10.2's
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Aug 10, 2011
Hi all, I have a pair of these bookshelves and have had a chance to hear them and I'm very impressed.
Now I have to get a reciever and DAC with the hope that eventually I will add a woofer and centre speaker. Can anyone recommend a reciever that would pair well with the diamonds? I'm on a uni budget so I kind of hoped for some old model recievers back when they used to make then heavy and quality that I might be able to keep an eye out for on gumtree etc? Do those older receievers still allow you to connect 5.1 for watching movies and such?
These are my first decent pair of speakers so I want to get a reciever and DAC that maybe give me some upward room if I decide to upgrade later?
Any tips re models to look out for would be awesome.
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Hmm i was once in your shoes and yes older model AVRs just with optical/coax (no HDMI) allow DD/DTS 5.1 and on gumtree you can find real basement bargains ^^
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Awesome this sounds like the place to start then.
As I understand it I need a AVR and a DAC too? Can anyone recommend a previous thread or website to get a killer list of vintage receivers. Harmon Kardon and Marantz are brands I know and like but their model numbers mean nothing. Any recommendations would be awesome?
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I really really like the look of the Marantz recievers from the 70's - 79. With the metalic finish and blue lights those things were way ahead of their time before sound quality is even considered.
Can anyone recommend some of these Marantz models to shorten my list. For instance are the top of the line models too powerful for the Diamond 10.2's or does a poweful reciever just allow me to upgrade to bigger speakers later if I so wish?
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So after a days research I have narrowed down the vintage recievers to HK 430, 730 or 930 twin. Marantz 2270 or 2285B, Luxman R117, Fisher 400 or Tandberg 2080...
I gather all of these will run my Wharfdales with plenty of power to spare and I will probs upgrade them into a bigger system later.
Any comments from those who know more than me on this selection? Where can I start looking for these recievers also. It appears the secret is out on ebay lol
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Why did you end up with?

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