advice on caps needed....
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In the panasonic FMs the 2200uf 16V are 12.5mm x 25mm the 2200uf 25V are 12.5mm x 35mm.

I am no expert on these, I am a reasonable new DIYer, but as I understand, if you have the extra room, the higher voltage cap may help, but are unlikely to harm.

Farnell UK is worth checking out for panasonic caps.

I think i'll try measure them tonight and see what they actually measure and go from there. If its best to have the higher voltage, i'll go with them if i can squeeze them in.

I really hope i can squeeze the burson op amps in too!
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Regarding cap voltage: from what I understand, in film caps used for coupling applications, it is said that the higher voltages sound better. For electrolytics such as what you are dealing with for use in PSU applications, I generally might go up one range if I had the room, such as the 16V -> 25V. But that is only for higher safety factor, and many times is trivial as the stock cap may be higher than needed.

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