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Acoustic Research M20 Coming soon

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dnun8086, Feb 4, 2016.
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  1. dnun8086
    Well it looks like there is something happening in the world afterall! The new M20 is coming out and will be available for demo at the Sound and Vision Bristol Show.
    Going to be a little power package again but this time a little more IEM friendly. I know this thing looks similar to the M2 and it is the idea was to keep all of the best bits and shrink it down. There will be no analogue control this time just digital. Smaller, lighter and will sound just as good as ever before! 
    Dual clocks! 
    1. Superior performance
    –Dual crystal NATIVE clock source:  Zero PLL jitter
    1. High power current feedback headphone amplifier
    2. More music “analogue” sound:  Organic and lifelike
    3. Gapless Music Playback 
    4. Longer Battery Life

    Below is a little teaser picture will update with more specs as and when I can! 

  2. Whitigir
    Holy hell...now, it better comes with balanced out connection, wifi, and Bluetooth....I don't use it much, but it is always better to have it there and ready to go. However, balanced out would be a must !

    I *can not* wait to upgrade and away from Zx2...I am getting bored of it, I want more sparkles and air....yet, nothing came close to the organic sound of Zx2 and it performances from TRRS balanced....

    It would be perfect if

    1/ the printed board would be printed out of "silver" and not "copper", that superior 6% more conductivity.
    2/ Linux OS, or Windows
    3/ Wifi, Bluetooth
    4/ faster CPU
    5/ 512 GB at the least
    6/ Balanced out, and SE******
    7/ Dual slot MicroSD upto 2TB
    8/ Powerful headphones amps with steady power supplies in both "v,A"
    9/ USB C for the speed
    10/ Support USB DAC
    11/ 12+ hours of battery
    12/ dual modes: Power saving, or High-performance

    Now this would be unique, there is no other dedicated players with silver die-electric printed circuit board
  3. dnun8086
    You are breaking my heart finally another man who understands what we need! 
  4. thejammonster
    Judging by the screen controls at the bottom that appears to be Android. I may actually be interested in a DAP for the first time in years if it came with vanilla Android.
  5. Deftone
  6. John247

    Here's a tricky one. I have Sennheiser ie800 headphones. Should I wait for the M20 or are they fine with the M2? I've read the thread about the power of the M2 not suiting all IEMs. Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. dnun8086
    Hey John, well it depends what you will be using the device for if it is strictly for IEMs then the M20 might be an alternitive. However saying that the ie800 sound suburb on the M2 a friend of mine has them and I must say the synergy is just beautiful. You also have the added benefit of the M2 being able to drive power hungry headphones. Both units will keep that stunning sound quality though so you can't go far wrong, hope that helps. 
  8. John247
    Thanks for the speedy response. I'll probably just use it with the ie800s. I'll maybe compare the two once the m20 is out. Seems like you can't go far wrong with either.
  9. dnun8086
    No problem at all they will both be a solid choice. The M20 will be a little cheaper but not offer quite as much output power but maintain the same quality of sound. 
  10. robfol

    Hiya, I use IE800s on my personal M2 and am very happy with the results - Cheers Robert
  11. John247
    Thanks Robert.
  12. John247
    Went for a listen today with the IE800. Brilliant combination. The M2 is currently in a bag as I walk out the shop!
  13. dnun8086
    Great glad you enjoyed it feel free to post some impressions on the M2 thread! Listening to Careless Whisper by George Michael, after watching the new Deadpool movie(Awesome), anyways absolutely stunning! Any questions you have just send me a PM, also check out and get the new firmware on the player if it's not already on there. The beta version is on the M2 thread gapless playback along with some other fixes!! Excited for you! 
  14. John247
    Thanks. Will check the firmware and will also post a few impressions after extended listening. Thanks again for all your help.
  15. dnun8086
    Acoustic Research M20 Player News: 
    Following early testing and feedback, we have upgraded the High-Precision Digital Volume Control from 1dB/step with 75 steps to 0.5dB/step with 150 steps. More and finer grained control for users.
    Release is still scheduled for mid-April, but we will update until the last minute and then as with the M2, will update the firmware on a regular basis, bringing improvements to all existing owners.
    This thing is sounding sweet as anything going to be a real treat for sure. I know the thread has been a little quiet but anyone one a few extra glamour shots? 
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