A New Apex product!!! Name it HERE!!!
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 [size=22px][u][b]Apex[/b][/u][i][b] [/b][/i][i][b]Caldera[/b][/i][/size]
"A caldera is a large, usually circular depression at the summit of a volcano formed when magma is withdrawn or erupted from a shallow underground magma reservoir."
Just another cool topographical name. The circular bay for the tube kind of looks like a little caldera also I guess 
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Apex Music-Lode. You get a play on words, similar to mother-load, but in this case you have a lode of music with the geological "lode" structure incorporated. In this case it is a lode of music brought to you by Apex.
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Apex Moraine



A general term for unstratified and unsorted deposits of sediment that form through the direct action of, or contact with, glacier ice. Many different varieties are recognized on the basis of their position with respect to a glacier.
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Apex Sarawak
One of the largest cave rooms in the world.  The shape reminds me of a cave, and it gives this grand, spacious feeling to it.
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Apex Aqua Aura:

-Aqua aura is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. In lore, the Aqua Aura crystal allows one to hear and speak the truth more clearly.

This accurately describes the aural pleasure of the new Apex amp while the gorgeous blue of the crystal relates to the appearance of the amp. Not to mention alliteration is pretty cool. :)
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From the Pinacle to the Teton, I will keep with the mountain theme...
The Apex "Foothill"
It's a great starting point for a mountain. 


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