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5 years?! The Fifth Annual St. Louis Meet will be July 13th.

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  1. theotherjude
    You're all set! We'd love to have you. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Slim1970
    Come on out and just to more gear. The list of headphones is impressive. The Abyss Phi TC’s are high on my get a listen too equipment.
  3. stuck limo
    Please bring the Bottlehead at the very least so I can hear it. :)
  4. Charleston
    I haven't been on headfi for 3 years. Just clicked the get-together forum accidentally and I cannot believe I'm right on time!

    My gear:
    Stax SRS-4170 (SR-407 headphone + SRM-006ts amp).

    Hopefully someone would bring a Xelento.

    Should I bring my own source and interconnects or we just use each others' or JDS'? Sorry, first time visitor.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
    stuck limo and buonassi like this.
  5. Michaelp
    So I told my wife going to head fi meet on the 16th and she said on a Tuesday? So I got date's wrong going to try and get there might be a little late hoping to be there by 12 or 1. Forgot we have to look at a couple of house's Saturday have to find something soon our house sold so fast. Anybody know how to incorporate a headphone rig in a 2019 Ford Escape? cause if we don't find something that's where we'll be living.
  6. antimatter
    triplite cig lighter to 120v inverter
  7. stuck limo
    I may bring a laptop and the Radsone ES100 DAC/Amp. Undecided yet.
  8. richardxq
    This looks great!
    I think I could attend.
    Currently, don't have many gears with me. I can bring an Ath-W5000, Yuin PK1, Ath-EM9D and a portable dac/amp Onkyo HA-300 with me.
  9. pippen99
    Going to miss you tomorrow Brent.
  10. Audio Addict Contributor
    I just finished packing up the computer (Intel NUC) headphones and DAC/Amps. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Especially want to listen to the ZMF Verite. From the listing it looks like it will be the limited edition.
  11. pippen99
    I am sure Zach will have a variety of his products available for audition and I will have my Verite Pheasantwood available to listen to.
    Audio Addict likes this.
  12. CreditingKarma
    We just packed up the car. Helping a friend bring some goodies too.

    A list of additional items on the way

    Raal sr1a
    Abyss diana phi
    Ether 2
    Campfire cascade

    Auris nirvana
    Headamp blue Hawaii
    Hugo tt2
    Icon hp8mk2
    Hegel h190 for the raal
    Transparent power supplies
    Transparent ultra headphone cable

    Is there a cart available to move stuff?
  13. mysticstryk
    I'll be there about 12:30 with some gear.

  14. theotherjude
    We do not have a cart but I've got two willing hands!
  15. Audio Addict Contributor
    They brought the F1 Store!!!
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