5.1 HTiB or 2.1 (for use with a PS3)
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Oct 9, 2006
Hey head-fi,

Came back for some non-headphone advice, mostly because of my comfort level with the people on this forum.

I am in a bit of a predicament and am looking for some advice.

I would like to set up a little audio system for my PS3, my limitations are as follows.

-$300 to spend, kind of flexible on that
-I currently have a pair of Athena AS-B1 bookshelf speakers collecting some dust.
-Living in an apartment, so I would like something compact, and easy to move when necessary

The question is if I should get one of those small home theater in a box systems (5.1 set up). The second option is me using my Athena bookshelf speakers and building a nice little 2.1 set up.

The main reason I bring up my bookshelf speakers is that I love the way they sound for music, and I figured I could find a decent receiver and a sub for about 300 bucks.

Just came here looking for some advice, as I am totally lost and have no clue where to even start. Any recommendations are more than welcome.

Thanks again head-fi, feels good to be posting again.


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